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Firth and North Roe


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Hi Kev. You'll get some info & pics about North Roe and the rest of Northmavine on the Northmavine Community Website - see sig. There's a link there to the forum. It's a tad quiet at the moment but hopefully someone will reply if you have questions. Good luck with your search.

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My husband and I are going to be moving from New Zealand to the Shetland Islands in January. We have been offered council accommodation in Firth. However I have read on the Internet that Firth is not a safe area to live. Does anybody have any information on this?


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Well there's no Mongrel Mob, Black Power (at least I havna seen any notification of their A.G.M on the hall noticeboard) or any significant potential of Firth disappearing beneath the waves in cataclysmic seismic event. I would only recommend you have a vehicle because the bus isn't too frequent.

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far more petty thieving in Voe n Brae as far as i can make out, have stayed in some rough places in me time but Brae Moorfield is the only place somebody has tried forcing my bootlid n stealing me petrol. For a council scheme its great, can stand out the front n hear nothing but the waves n birds, no people, no traffic, no domestics, nothing

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We're moving up to Firth, Leaside, 11th December (me, my wife, 2 year old and dog)and have been in touch with some local people who have been very friendly, helpful and love it there.


Seems most people who live there enjoy it and there's community stuff going on. People who don't like it seem to have either not lived there or only know it's reputation from it's original use as a contractors billing in the 70's when the oil was kicking off? I could be proved wrong though...


If you PM me I can send you some pics we were sent. The council houses are pretty grey from the outside but look fine inside and the views are great.


We have a car but looking on the bus website the public transport isn't that bad from Firth, no worse than were I live now. http://www.zettrans.org.uk/bus/BusTimetables.asp


Feel free to get in touch



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longdog that's slightly rose tinted view. firth is were the council place there difficult cases. there are problems with drink and teenagers but only on a Shetland level.


the housing is big but its unnerving to feel your house moving in the wind. yes the views are very good and it is very quite most of the time. the vast majority are friendly and helpful.


if you want to really see sea life then go down to mossbank pier if the tide is right and the weather your pretty sure to see a otter and the odd seal.


the school is good the small shop and post office though at different ends are very friendly. the pub and the pub/cafe are excellent the food is nice.


however the buses do stop early and your at least a 50 miles round trip from lerwick.for a great beach head over to west sandwick on yell great place to take your dog and very quite.


you will either like it or hate it. by the way watch out for the last couple of corners as your heading there it can get slippy.

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I'm sure you're right about the rose tinted view (I'm not quite there yet!) but there obviously aren't all bad 'uns. And we're not either :wink:


I've had a lot of support from some people there and no mention of wobbly houses :shock: saying that after living on a boat for 2 years a while back I hopefully won't get sea sick in the house :lol:


I guess the Shetland level is a bit different to other places in the UK. Your housing schemes look a dream to the ones in Teesside never mind other big cities.


Cheers for the tip on the beach and bad corners.


Kev :D

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Not a good point really then, unless it helps the bairn sleep :lol:


Good job we/you were only renting :!:


Got to say it' the first time some one has said about rocking houses. I assume you spoke to the council about it...


BTW For some stupid reason I thought the inter-island ferries were free :roll: Don't know if my wife will get some concession/pass as her job is with the council/nhs and will pressumably involve her going out to islands at times?

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