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Is Shetland Gay Friendy?


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Don’t give a toss one way or the other

I have some friends who are gay, some who are over weight, some who are married, and some who are not and living together. I don’t care where you come from or skin colour, long or short hair or no hair

I treat every person, I meet the same way as they treat me

If we become friends then fine, If you don’t like me that’s you loss, not mine.

I don’t care what your sexuality what drugs your on or legless everytime you come out of the pub.

As long as no one tries to inflict any of it on me, then good luck to you

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Guest Anonymous
Never having come across any real homophobia up here I would say that Shetland is "gay friendly", but I would also say that on the whole Shetland is friendly with most things . :D


Just some frends of mine (who are gay and are not camp/girlie gay) had some bad experiences in shops/pubs when they came here,


One was in a pub and a group said 'I hate f*** queers, the other one said yes me too the worse are f**** English Queers the rest was really explicit.


My friends were with their 14 year old niece and the comments they got reallly upset her and spoilt their holiday.

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I think you (original poster) need to appreciate that while Shetland is a friendly place, like everywhere else it has its share of a**holes. San Francisco and Brighton have their own racists and homophobes too, but so long as you understand that the majority of the population up here are decent folk and the minority don't represent the views of the mainstream. Parahandy's view is, in my experience, pretty representative and reflects my own. Personally I think far too much effort goes into pigeon holing people - I'd rather meet an individual and form my own opinion on their own merits, and I hope they'd do the same for me.


If you're coming up, well have a safe trip and welcome to Shetland.

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Friendship is not quite the same thing as being friendly. It’s just the same with getting respect.

You earn it. Your true friends don’t care what you are. What colour you are, what your sexuality is.

And they don’t care what your religion is either You probable have knowing most of them since primary school or before, you can count the number them on one hand. The rest are people with whom you know, you are just friendly with. But once you have earned a true friend you never regret it.

Even Sex. You can buy with money on a street corner. But true friendship can never be paid for, there not enough gold on this planet that can buy that.

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