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Airport Security

Are the security staff at Sumburgh heavy handed in their seaches?  

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  1. 1. Are the security staff at Sumburgh heavy handed in their seaches?

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Just wondering for those of you who travel with babies what you take for your flight?


Its the 2nd time I've travelled and been made to feel like i've done something wrong, by the same lady, when their going through the baby food.


I flew the other day with my 15 month old. in her lunch box she had 2 jars, 2 small petit felous, 2 small fruit pots, a small tub with tatties in it (in case she didn't like the jars - she doesn't normally get fed jars)


As we were travelling from the islands we were up earlier than normal so that already messed up her feeding routine. Got to the airport to find out there was a 2 hour delay.


So she ate 1 petit felous, 1 fruit pot and 1/2 a jar. Didn't like that so she ate the tatties. There was no bin so i put the half eaten jar back in her lunch box


I was then left with enough food for 1 feed should she need it.


I got to security and the lady was not happy with the amount of food i had. I explained she eats alot, has been travelling and is totally out of routine. To which she said she had grandchildren and theres no way a child would eat that much. I tried to tell her she would and but she wasn't listening.


Other people in the que came up to me in the departure lounge and said the lady was out of order for the way she spoke to me


I've checked the transport website, flybe, and a few others for food rules and I seemed to be well within the limits. I don't know why i was spoken to like this


What do you take and has anyone had bother?


Normally I would've taken more food at this time of year as i've heard of so many people getting delayed or the plane has turned around.


I've flew a lot with my daughter and its just sumburgh i've had bother with

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Yes, in Edinburgh, Aberdeen, London etc although Sumburgh is the worst. We now try to travel with sandwiches, fruit (bananas etc) to avoid the hassle from staff. In the past, we have had to open yoghurts and taste them at security - then how do you transport an opened pot of yoghurt? Also had to taste baby's milk - yuk!


International flights are much better as milk, fresh juice, fruit, yoghurts etc are all freely available so there isn't the need to carry so much.

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i think i'll definately be taking sandwiches and fruit next time i fly from sumburgh. im lucky shes at that age where she's on solids


i flew whey se was 3 months and i got a row for taking 2 bottles and a bottle with water in it.


its just such a worry. shes still that young that you cant say wait an hour for food and when there is no trolley service or shops in the departure lounge where you can buy more supplies if a delay occurs or if you have to turn back


there was half a sandwich in her box for me. i even said to the lady that, that was for me as i'm suffering morning sickness and its for me to take a bite out of every now and again and if i get bad then i'd even eat the jar she didn't eat!!!!


when i flew from tenerife we didn't even need to go through the main security, they had a small security area for buggies/babies and they were so helpful and you didn't feel like you were holding up a que


what did you do with teh open yogurt? i would've fed it to her in the security que!!!!

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Our airport security is employed by the Scottish Parliament, through their agencies/qwangos HIAL and AMSL based in Inverness. The airlines are not involved in the running of security. The security guards are not allowed discretion and their work is constantly being filmed on CCTV.

They are (to keep their jobs) under pressure to carry out their duties as interpreted by their masters in Edinburgh/Inverness.

There is a strong possibility that these instructions may be a little over the top! If you have complaints please address them to your MSP as he is in a position to speak at a high enough level.

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sumburgh - i mind keekin aff big style one time our jimmy was due at out patients ari as an out patient and the flight was delayed hours, the flight was to go on a stand by basis wi 1 hours notice and we bade 1 hour away at the time , there was no baby milk or nappies for sale in sumburgh , no play facilities or sausage all, also i was home watchin the other 2 and couldnt do a supplies run (40 miles), it actually made front page shetland times n they were very appologetic and somebody phoned soon after n spoke to the ex who suggested they stock milk/nappies n provided play facilities, as far as i'm aware theres only 1 of the 3 still in place or am i mistaken ?

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it must be the look of all the mums on shetland. you clearly pose a massive risk to the flight with exploding yogurts they should be more worried about the bio war agents in the exploding nappies. now that could take out a flight. thou i would imagine that they must be very brave to annoy a tired and fedup mum.

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The whole thing is totally over the top. I can see the need for searching terrorists of course.

What they need to do is make some types of people exempt.


For instance people born and bred in Shetland shouldn't have to go through this.


They could save a lot of money by profiling the people they search.


Perhaps special privelege identity cards could be issued to loyal British citizens of a certain class (and perhaps pigmentation and/or religion) so they could bypass this total nonsense.

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A bit off topic, no baby food included, but a comment to jungleknott's post. :wink:

Last summer when we were going back to Norway, I really got the impression that there was a BIG differece between Shetlanders and foreigners :!:

Da Auld Een went first, he had a couple of cameras and God knows what else in his backpack....he just wandered through...

Then me..I had three cameras, chargers for both mine and his cameras, and some other small electronics. I was well prepared, had taken off all jewellery, belt buckle and all that could beep, so that went smooth -- but I was body searched...and then I had to dig out everything of my backpack,,well, I'm used to that, women''s hand luggage can contain many mysterious things :oops:, but a new thing; I had to open all cameras and show them that they really could take pictures, and explain what all other things was....while Da Auld Een stood laughing on the other side.....

So there is a difference :lol: :lol:

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