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A Judo Club for Shetland?


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A group of us are really keen to get a Judo club off the ground in Shetland. I have been in touch with various bodies including Judo Scotland, The British Judo Association etc to obtain guidance on this.


At least two of us have previously held Brown belts in Judo but have not been "on the mat" for quite some time but want to get back into it.


So I'm making this post to see how much interest there might be across the Shetland community for a club and also whether there are any current Judo Brown or Black Belts out there who would be willing to help set the club up?


Anyone who is interested then please don't hesitate to contact me.






Has anything ever come of this? Me and the family are moving to Shetland early next year and it'd be fantastic if a Judo club was available for my son - he does Judo where we are at the moment but there seems to be nothing up in Lerwick for Judo at the moment. Thankfully, there's Wado-Ryu Karate for my daughter, which she does down here, but no Judo.


Feel free to let me know if there's Judo provision up in Lerwick.





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Would anyone with a judo background be interested in a joint venture with a BJJ practitioner? I could certainly benefit from judo's excellent stand-up skills and throws and maybe as a BJJ purple belt, I could teach a few ground-fighting techniques. I have some people interested in BJJ but they're not able to start for a while.

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Looks like an old post, but I would be very interested in this. I've practiced martial arts in the past years and I really would like to keep training. Has any progress been done on the matter? I've seen an old entry in shetnews saying lessons will be held at the Quarff hall.


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