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europe should we stay or should we go?


should a national poll be held to determine whether we should stay in europe  

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  1. 1. should a national poll be held to determine whether we should stay in europe

    • yes as soon as possible
    • yes immediately after next elections(uk)
    • don't know
    • no
    • I don't belive in referendums

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Guest Anonymous

personally i tink EU crippled everything anybody wants or tries to do wi the poxiest laws n hellery ever , good ridance to dem n good ridance to holyrude, UKIP sounds good ta me

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People rioting (if thats who you mean by an extremist group) because of a financial meltdown isn't the same thing though is it? Is the EU responsible for Iceland's financial crash too?


Isn't it a choice of bail out Greece or wait for them to default on their loans?

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No the extremist groups mentioned in the article you have linked -

Anti-Semitism stirs as Hungary goes to polls

And the BNP etc,etc popularity rising thanks to the E.U.


Yeah, there's no pre EU history of those people kicking off going back hundreds of years.

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How is Greece being saved? Greece would be much better off defaulting and restructuring all its debts, rather than enduring the now perpetual foreign transfers of wealth that actually exceed German war reparations. No, Greece is not being bailed out. The European banks that lent Greece money are being bailed out, and Greece is being used to launder the money. Greece never even sees the cash, it goes in one door and right out the other and into the vaults of the banks who have been lending her money for years at exorbitant interest rates.


Normally, you get a higher interest rate when you lend because there is an understanding that whoever you are lending it to might not pay you back. This way, the banks can lend Greece money at crazy interest rates, knowing they are going to get paid back by German, French, and US taxpayers via the EU and IMF! What a great scam!

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Yes and EXTREMISM in europe still kicking off within E.U, where's your argument ?

how can you defend this corrupt regime?, and world financial collapse ? has having the cost and restrictions of the E.U helped ?


And what about our fishing industry ?


You're not going to stop racial extremism but you can legislate against it which the EU does very well, my original point was


Wouldn't Hungary et al be back to murdering its Gypsy, Jewish and other minority populations by now if there wasn't an EU?


I'm not defending the whole thing, something that large and sprawling is going to have a lot of problems, fisheries and agriculture do not seem to be served well by the EU like you say and financial recovery may not be helped by such a large bureaucracy. Stopping the next European genocide (or even European war) is helped by the EU, IMO.

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Guest Anonymous

nearer heym - for what brussels has done to our lifeline industry, namely the fishing, i tink they should take the flack they deserve an get the heave

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Why do you need this unaccountable, hugely expensive and corrupt management regime to legislate against extremism ?

Surely soveriegn states can do this? as many do quite well.


So are you only defending its ability to stop war and genocide ?


You may end up having to drop that defense very soon....

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