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Now why would anyone wish to delete or substantially edit previoius posts?


I must admit that I am guilty of this (but not on this thread). It usually happens when I think, at a later date, that I've revealed too much, or said something extraordinarily stupid or pointless or I'm having a 'low confidence' phase where I want what I've said to just disappear. I'm going to have to be extra careful from now so as to not regret things I've said.

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Of course it was an act.

[***Mod Edit - content removed. Please refer to the T&Cs***]

The fact is that when Frank and Judith originally took control of Judanes, they ran it into the ground. [***Mod Edit - content removed. Please refer to the T&Cs***]

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^ Looks like they have changed it. I know the one you mean, though, I thought the Shetland News had really decided to liven things up!


Edit: I guess even the new headline has its own entertainment value...


Second edit: Cancel all the above. I was thinking of a previous netball headline. :oops:

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It is hoped that as part of her investigation into the Chief Executive debacle and of the SIC itself, Caroline Gardner of the Accounts Commission of Scotland will be able to devote part of her teams valuable resources, into tracking and getting satisfactory explanations about what really happened within this toxic relationship between JUDANE and the SDT/SIC and which has taken years - only to arrive at a whopping 600,000 write-off of that Company's Debt, to the disadvantage of the Shetland Public Purse.

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Its nice to see on this months report cut from: ourproperty.co.uk that they still can manage to scrape together a cool 1/4 of a million pounds to buy yet another guest house in King Harald Street to add to their bulging property and shipping portfolio.




Price £250,000

Applicant/s F. Miller, C. Miller




Title No. Parent Property

OAZ5936 - 36, King Harald Street, Lerwick, Shetland, ZE1 0EQ


Registry Title Description

Sale Date 14th July, 2010

Land Class Residential

Application Type Dealings with Whole (DW)

Deed Type/s Disposition


Other Sales of these Titles

Application No. Date Title Number Price

10OAZ01104 14-Jul-2010 OAZ5936 £250,000

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