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Shoe repairs?


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Well, I am retired but there certainly seems to be a gap in the market then for someone starting out.


A good few years ago, before I came to Shetland, I was toying with the idea of whether it was feasible to have a van going around the neighbourhood, equipped with the necessary machinery, with someone able to do shoe and bag repairs. I found that the while-u-wait cobblers were charging ridiculous amounts for soles and heels and totally ludicrous amounts for putting the new tiny rubber heels on ladies' high-heeled shoes. I didn't follow it through as I was busy in my normal day-job but there is certainly an apparent opportunity in Shetland for such a service. The guy/girl operating such a facility could be based in Lerwick but travel around the islands once or twice a month as well.


I have no idea as to how much a van would cost, inclusive of the equipment, plus the person running it would need to gain some experience on the mainland to offer a full range of repair facilities.

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I think the service isn't currently on offer as it is not financially viable - a bit like Mareel! Maybe the Council or the Arts Trust could set up a shoe repair shop and staff it with a few receptionists (with radio on in background), half a dozen job estimators, some marketing personnel, a cleaner or two, a handy man ..... oh, I almost forgot, someone to de the repairs and deliver the so called "front line" services. Brilliant business model!?


Peerie Trow

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.. bloody right! It could, but at the expense of the taxpayer, most of whom could never have envisaged the exponential growth of the "gold plated index lined" pension scheme of the public sector, whose employees have no accountabily, take no financial risks, can take days off at will and are in receipt of rewards which are not commensurate with either input or output.....the land of milk and honey, without risk!!!! And paid for by whom? Seriously considered answers only!!

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