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Shetland football 2010

Dusty Rhodes

2010 Premier League Champions?  

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  1. 1. 2010 Premier League Champions?

    • Scalloway
    • Ness United
    • Lerwick Thistle
    • Lerwick Celtic
    • Lerwick Spurs
    • Whitedale
    • Delting
    • Whalsay

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if hes that good at 19 he should be playing a team football and forget about the b's! the b's should more or less be an under 23 league or along those lines! it would stop managers playing golden oldies instead of playing players who could be top players for shetland in the future! the set up at the moment is ok am only thinkin of the future, because i know several young players who are fed up sitting on the bench for the b team and there is players who are thirty odds in front of them! shetland football should start thinkin of development instead of big rivalries between clubs....obviously the A league is different but the B league should be a steppin stone instead of trying to be the A league!

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I think Celtic might win it this year. If Joe Leask and Ross Moncrieff are back for most of the season (and I'm not sure if that's going to happen yet) then they have a great chance. They have a lot of Junior County players that already have a year's A league experience under their belt, plus the likes of Jordan Webb, Jordan Hunter, Paul Grant will all be here for the whole season I believe. If they added a few of the Unst boys they're rumoured to be trying to sign then they will be very hard to beat.


Whatever happens I think it's shaping up to be one o the most competitive leagues in a long time, which is great for Shetland fitba!

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so is unst in the b league then???????? and the quote delboy 10 at the age 19 you should be playin in the a's if you're decent player i mean thats a bit extreme depends on team,postion and so on. but your right about it should be a 23s leauge or something as it stopped a lot of players developing maybe a 21s leauge should be looked into and also a reseve/b league.just for playin time you want younger player playin as much as they can.

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Yes Penfold, Whalsay have appointed Robert Geddes as their new manager.


Spurs travelled to Whalsay missing a keeper, no James Johnston, Alan Page, Darren Johnston (Disco), Shane Jamieson, David Mann or Martin Leishman. Whalsay were missing a first choice keeper, Richard Arthur and Gary Jamieson. Goals for Spurs came from Josie Kay (3) and a couple of debut goals for Scott Morrison. Unsure of Whalsay scorers as my source never knew who they were. To come away from the "Bonnie Isles" with a win regardless of who was on the park is not easy, so well done to the Milkbags.


Word has it, young Erik Thompson will be heading down under in June so that could scupper Celtics title hopes a little. Although they should be strong enough without the young hit man.


Shaping up to be an interesting season...

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The Shetland works league Football Association grew to 13 teams lastnight with Ness United Fc entering a third team into the competition and Real Cosmos and a team started by Aaron Sjoberg though I didn't catch what they were called.


The league will split into two at the halfway point with 7 teams in the top section and 6 in the bottom section, the cup competitions will also be split with one cup each being contested by the upper and lower groups.

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Sjoberg's team is called Baroc Revolution!! Not the best teamname i've ever heard but heyho.


With all 13 teams saying they definately have enough players it would have been hard to exclude one however I wouldn't be surprised if one or two teams pull out before the start of the season!! Just can't see where all these extra players are going to come from!!

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