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Shetland football 2010

Dusty Rhodes

2010 Premier League Champions?  

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  1. 1. 2010 Premier League Champions?

    • Scalloway
    • Ness United
    • Lerwick Thistle
    • Lerwick Celtic
    • Lerwick Spurs
    • Whitedale
    • Delting
    • Whalsay

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i dont think we will ever no the real reason. as ever its the good old shetland football cliques that will know the ins and outs.


You would think it was the Mafia running Shetland football!

Get a grip

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hah. most of the stuff to do with shetland football is kept hidden away and decisions made behind closed doors. so i suggest you get a grip mate


Perhaps, that will be the closed door in Isleburgh every month at the committee meetings where decisions are made.

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If you want to ken what happened at the meeting RE: Delting skinny ask the reps that attended the meeting for your club, all clubs were represented at the meeting, so if you have an axe to grind take it up with them. And if your unhappy with the answer volunteer to attend the next one for them as im sure they will be glad of the night off and then you can raise your concerns then.

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well never thought id see the day the delts couldnt field a team, surely they could of drafted in a few young guns, but probably not wanting to give them a shot incase they get beaten. so would rather just give the points away. thats a good example to set to the younger generation that they aint good enough to even have the chance to play in the A league.............


I totally agree. This is a disgrace and I'm embarrassed to be a Delt at the moment.


The worst post ever to be posted on any forum.


*** Mod edit personal attacks removed ***

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Before the thread descends into a slagging match users should be mindful of the T&C's before posting, if the issues at hand cannot be debated without resorting to personal attacks and name calling then best not to post them.

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Any truth in the rumour that Lerwick Celtic have sacked Robbie Simpson?


didna sack him he walked after a certain player said he wanted him out and name dropped others from the team, who as it turns out have never said a word about wanting him out!

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