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Rage Against The Machine For Christmas Number 1


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I'm there :).


Got the money all ready, just waiting for the last minute. May even buy it twice just to make sure.





You can buy 3 if you really want.


Itunes, 7Digital and Play.com count.



Buying twice from one place doesnt count.

If only it was in the stores :)


So yeah its just the single. I will post direct links on the day in here so you go to the right one.


Although it doesnt matter (so I read in the rules) which version as long as its the same song.


370,000 people so far. excluding any people without facebook of course.


Need to get about 600,000 sold. most people are buying 3... so maybe we can get it to 1000,000 now that would rock.

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Why should anyone care so much about a christmas no.1?


Why should I buy some unheard of track by a band I would not normally listen to just oust an X-factor song?


come on guys - there is music out there catering for everyones tastes, you just need to find it - dig around, youll find its usually outside the mainstream charts.


Merry Christmas

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