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Road condition reports - Snow, Rain, Fog, etc


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We're supposed to be going to town from Mossbank tonight and back home early morning (4-5am) - but have heard plenty about the drifting on the Kames which kinda worries us as we went off the road twice this time last year in similar conditions.

Anyone seen what the drifting has been like? We have to be mindful that the gritters don't work nights - already been stranded on the hill by Leask's twice this year!

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Guest don't know
flybe.com[/url]"]Adverse Weather Conditions - Shetland / Inverness


Due to the adverse snow conditions in Shetland, passengers travelling on the following routes to and from Sumburgh operated by Flybe’s franchise partner, Loganair, are being advised not to travel to the airport, as the roads are impassable.


Passengers booked to travel on any flights which Loganair has been forced to cancel today due to adverse weather conditions who are unable to travel or who do not wish to travel today due to the snow are being offered one of the following three options :


a) Refund for the flight affected

B) Rebook for travel on/before 14 Mar2010 subject to space being available on the aircraft or

c) Rebook for travel at any time on the same route upon payment of any difference in fare.


The above also applies to Flybe passengers with bookings to travel today to and from Inverness.

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It's quite likely there will also be a confidentiality agreement barring both sides from releasing details, too.


Although I am guessing the chances of it being respected are pretty slim, so there maybe won't be long to wait to learn more! :shock:



How are the snow conditions in your neck of the woods ? :roll: :wink:


teh roads in lk are ok. pavements a bit slushy.

no sure about anywhere else.

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Road Report: Brae: 9:35pm:



Storm seems to be coming from the North heading South. ...


Well where the blooming heck has the snow down here been coming from all week then? :shock: :shock: :shock:

Dunno mate... haha... apparently Aberdeenshire has been getting quite a bit of snow... maybe heading up... i just judged it by how it looked... it started looking very heavy and you could barely see over the hills... you know when it gets really misty and that... well yeah, thats what it looked like over the North area.
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