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Road condition reports - Snow, Rain, Fog, etc


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SnowFlake wrote:

simple answer here is this... dont be driving fast past schools with 20 mph limits!!!! cos if you do chances is you will get grassed up.. what would you rather have a couple people getting fined for doing wrong or a child seriously hurt... think about it!


your statment earlier fleabee really makes me wonder what sort of person you are to care more about people getting caught for doing wrong than the innocent young children who could be hurt by their wrong doing.


what is this world coming to


mhutch wrote:


it was in voxter on the complaint of a female member of the public , not at the school at all


Regardless of where you drive, there are speed limits. Don't drive above them and you don't get caught out, simple!


Sounds more like a personal axe to grind with some of your pointed comments mhutch.


This is a well known stretch for the police to check once in a while. So not necessarily requiring a complaint from a member of the public at all. Since Total and Roadbridge have been working up there, traffic quantity and speed have increased.


na , the grassing was the grudge my good fellow , and no i wasnt caught , and no , i seldom speed

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Been into town this morning and there was a car off just before Girlsta so stationary traffic whilst it was cleared - everyone appeared ok though.

It snowed in town all the time whilst I was there and coming back at 2pm, the roads were horrid all the way to Voe. Voe through to Brae wasn't too bad but the snow seemed to be heading north as Brae to North Isles was started to get bad as I came through just before 3pm.

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Home from weisdale a short while ago, roads in weisdale and whiteness we not good and cars are getting stuck going up wormadale brae. The gritters came and cleared slush and cars managed to get through with a bit of a run up. (Thanks to the gritters :D )

Main roads were far better as side roads.

If your heading wast, I'd head soon before more snow :P

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Just a heads-up.


Right now (04:43), Lerwick is frozen.


I mean really, seriously deep frozen. I just had to go out for a short walk (don't ask!), and I have never seen as much ice. Roads, pavements, everything that might have had a sheen of damp on it is frozen solid.


There is very light snow being blown around by a stiff Northerly breeze, this snow is covering the ice.


If you are driving this morning in the Lerwick area, be very careful.

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