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Road condition reports - Snow, Rain, Fog, etc


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Started snowing heavily in Brae about 20 minutes ago now. You could see the blizzard coming into Brae from Mossbank way and the snow certainly came down. The gritter had been out just before so roads are clear but with care but the snow has started making them a bit white again. Wasnt big flakes but there was alot of it. The digger is out now clearing car parks and small roads so they should be clear soon. Other than that, the roads are OK but like i said, take care.

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Just a quick note for parents. For those of you that have kids in the north schools. e.g. Mossbank, Brae High School etc and schools up north, stay by your phone which the school has a contact number of yours, keep checking Shetland News, listening to SIBC or checking with the schools yourself as some teachers are saying that the schools MIGHT close if the snow continues. My cousins are at school at Brae and we were told to keep up to date with what is happening. You all probably already know this but i would just like to remind you of the situation. Remember, the schools will not DEFINITELY close, they just MIGHT if the snow continues.

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