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Schools Closure


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I am not a teacher or part of the school board so i'm not saying this is definite but this is my thought on it.


I think the North Schools ie Brae & Mossbank will be OPEN. Yes, it has been snowing quite heavily here, but if you think about it, it is meant to be Clear Skies tonight, and from what i can see now over Brae, it is already happening. Also, the gritters will be out at about 6:00am clearing the roads, so teachers will have plenty of time to get to the schools.


Like i said, i am not saying that, that is a definite answer but it is my opinion. Now, i am NOT wanting that to happen as i am a student at Brae School, and i think everyone knows that kids would love another day off.


I dont want to think it but i cant help thinking about it.


But fingers crossed i am wrong!



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The town schools are closed because the majority of staff that teach and look after the kids live outwith the town.


Yes, but the majority of staff were able to get to school the last two days (to the tow schools, anyway).


In reply to Stephen dated 25th Feb 2010, are you aware of the police and road department advice warning people not to drive in these treacherous conditions? Many staff from the town schools live in outlying areas and need to travel a distance to get their work in the town. Therefore, should the town schools be opened for only those children whose teachers live in the town and can make it safely to work? If this was the case then that would discriminate against those children whose teachers cannot make it in.


Alternatively, classes could be doubled up with those teachers who live in the town and can make it into work teaching a class of approximately 40 children. However, this goes against the government's recommended ratios.


A final solution would be to force teachers and school staff to make a "valid" effort to drive in these awful conditions so that schools can open. Unfortunately, a teacher minus a limb poses more of a problem than no teacher at all!


Which of these solutions would you propose to the education authority? Fortunately in this case, those at the council have taken the common sense approach and shut the schools in order to ensure the safety of their staff and children.


I therefore think that you should also consider the options before judging those in authority in future.


Firstly, I would suggest that you read the whole thread (and my previous comment) before posting such a reply. The point I was trying to make is that (and not just here) many schools close because there is a minor risk to child safety when parents choose to drive there children to school during weather such as on Wednesday. I believe that on such days when staff are able (as roads were clear from 8am) to get to school we should put the responsibility of judging the conditions/ safety on the parents. This will never happen as if schools open, and (for example) a child slips on compacted snow outside the school, the parent would be able to claim damages from the local authority on grounds of public safety. This is the reason many schools close in 'so-so' weather.


I would also like to point out that on Wednesday several schools were able to open as they had the staff required.


Perhaps my main issue is with the 'claim and sue' society in which we live, more than the schools being closed.


I would also like to point out that the conditions were not "awful" on Wednesday.


You will also find that with the staffing of schools nowadays (ASN teachers, Teaching management, and additional teachers in nurseries, art teachers etc.) you would never have such a large class as you suggest on the day mentioned. In addition to this point, this was not the point I was making!


I therefore think that you should also consider reading the entire thread before judging a follow-up post in future. ;)


In addition, I do agree with most you have said. I will not make any further comment on this as I am not willing to be drawn into an argument.

your forgetting that we have had two deaths related to snow/bad weather this year. now just imagine it was a school bus. it may be safe to go but half an hour later the roads can become lethal. this week has been to dodgy for the schools to open. it seems wrong to expect the teachers to attend a closed school.

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I agree with: paulb.


As he said, we have had two deaths related to snow, and if you think about it, they were in CARS.


What we are talking about putting out now is BUSES.


I'd say it's hard enough for buses to get round corners with snow and ice let alone try and stay on the road!

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Pretty silly how they don't just close them all considering the weather forecast. Maybe they'll wait till they're all at school before they do! :(

Weather forecast below



Cloudy today, with further wintry showers. Easing N’ly winds. Showers becoming more frequent overnight, as winds freshen again.


Cold on Friday, with snow showers or longer periods of heavy snow. NE’ly winds increasing strong to gale later, bringing the chance of blizzards and difficult driving conditions.


The weekend bright, with snow showers or longer spells of snow. Cold E or NE’ly winds.


Cold weather is expected to continue for the foreseeable future, with snow showers and the chance of longer spells of snow giving some heavy falls in places. Strong easterly winds at first, perhaps veering NE to N’ly and easing later, leading to hard overnight frosts."



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Someone, somewhere within the Education Department, did once say that parents ought to make their own decision about sending bairns to school in difficult driving conditions as they, the parents, are best able to make the decision based on the weather where they live.


Guess that also extends to their vehicle and driving skill/experience with poor weather. But in view of the forecast it might well be a day for those in doubt to keep the bairns home.

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