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Excess Baggage Charge?


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Does anyone know what Flybe charge for excess baggage? According to small print on E ticket it is £10 for bags weighing over 20kg...is this one standard charge or is that per kilo over? Anyone ever been charged?


I'm heading home from Edinburgh tomorrow and one too many presents is weighing me down (this is a lie...I just shopped WAY too much).



B :D

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Loganair conditions are different from Flybe conditions


Excess Baggage

If you have baggage in excess of your free allowance, it will only be accepted if space is available at a charge of £10, the maximum any 1 bag can weigh is 30kgs. Any additional pieces of luggage will be charged at £10.



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last christmas bought a bit too much in the sales. So figured we'd do it in style. Bought largest bag we could find and filled it. Sure enough only £10 with loganair. But was given warning that they would only carry it if there was room.

FLYBE how ever charge a fortune. Know one young lady who paid more for her excess baggage than than her original tickets - just for one section of the journey. Then £10 for the Shetland bit.

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i spoke to the staff at edinburgh airport last time i flew and they were saying that even though its flybe they still go by logan air policy or something like that.


so it doesn't matter if your 1kg or 20kg over there is a one off charge of £10 so you might as well fill another case up to 20kg


i was all set to pay my £10 a couple of months ago when i flew. i found out my 15 month old daughter gets a 20kg allowance even though she sits on my knee.

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