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2010 - The new decade has crept up on us!

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Well, I had been in Lerwick for a couple of days, folk were worrying about the milenium bug and stuff like that.

Christmas Day I went to my Aunty Kays with my Dad for Christmas dinner, and could not eat a thing. Boxing Day was struck down with the flu and stayed in bed on and off till 30th. Nursing myself with nightnurse, whiskey and any other remedy I could find.

As I woke New Years Eve I could hear my Dad sneezing and spluttering, but, I felt better.

Then it started, milled about town for a start, met folk at the Cross, went to a party, I remember the light beams crossing the sky and folk stayed around for quite along time. My cousins and myself went to a party above Ians chipper, and the Lounge was on the TeeVee several times (even Johnathon Peel (rip) mentioned that a good time was to be had in Lerwick as the Lounge seemed to be the only place still buzzing past 2 am in the country). Then the Hop. Peat Stack at the Clickamin if I remember right. And the Hang over on the 3rd. Off to the lounge, there was a sad moment on the 4th and I eventually went back to the Big Smoke a week or so later.


And the noughties rolled in...and my computer still worked, as did the GPS but some software did not work cos the dates started at 1900 and not 00.

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10years ago I was still under the daft impression that I owed my daughter a "family" christmas. And for some reason I inflicted the torture of my family and shetland weather on her. Only saving grace was had friends nearby I could escape to.

It really enforced in me why I hated shetland so much.

Now I know that "family" christmases don't have to be stressfull, grandparents can live without their grandchildren. And I can enjoy christmas, with gas, electricity and all modcons, best of all the sales on 26/27 dec.

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Christmas '99 - no money, working two jobs to pay the rent, and caught by the flu bug that made the rounds... I was working in an old folks home as care assistant (2nd job), and when I was barely capable to stand upright on Christmas day, my employer actually took pity on me and sent me home. Mind you, the electricity supply had broken down in the home, so Christmas dinner was rather cold, we couldn't get anybody moved from one floor to the next, half the old folks and at least a third of the staff were sick - happy times! :roll:


But - on the other hand, I had by then made up my mind to return to uni (as a very mature, or rather overripe student!), so mentally I was feeling better than for a long time. :D

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Guest Anonymous

10 years ago, on the 29th of December, I realised that the Millennium Bug really did exist. That was one really shi**y Flu.

Worked through it for a couple of days, then went to bed, not expecting to see the year 2000, (well you know how men are with a simple flu :wink: )

I think my salvation from that bug was the Cartoon Channel showing 24 hours of Tom & Jerry. It's damned hard to feel ill when you want to laugh all the time. :lol:

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