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internet vs. local shopping

sharney houghs

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Well, I have been to Clive's today and had a look around. Couldn't find 'Uncharted' so I guess it's been sold! I purchased a film just newly released, it is the same price as Play.com. I also bought a boxset which was also the same price as Play, so well done them... :D and me for finding a good deal in a local shop... :D! Who would have thought it!!!


Anyway I did have a good look around and noticed that some boxsets were quite a bit dearer than Play but most were around the same price, those being The Sopranos, Friends, Deadliest Catch etc. there were more but I can't name them all. I didn't have an in-depth look at the music or games but noticed some prices were more or less the same as the internet.



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my boyfriend has just gone into town to look at the price of a freezer we had our eye on


we'd been down the other day and looked at prices for a washing machine and cooker too. but our main thing is a freezer just now


he was just wanting a price then to go to tesco then come back after lunch to buy.


he knows it shuts at 12.30 so he got into the street and at hydros door at 12.25 and was met by a very rude chap. he said he just wanted to look at the price for a freezer and the man said we're closed. to which he said you don't close till half past and its only 12.25, i just want to look at the price then come back later.


to which the man said going by my watch its lunch time and locked up


so we'll be getting our freezer, washing machine and cooker elsewhere.


the same happened a few months ago when we were looking for a TV and dishwasher. went into hydro expecting to buy then the staff were that rude we went to george robertsons who sorted us out with our dishwasher that day


and folk wonder why we look elsewhere or south for services


i think though, down south the staff are to pushy and its all target driven. where as up here its very laid back and you feel like your annoying staff if you ask for advice. theres no happy medium

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Scottish Hydro.....


It was the manager so he said, my boyfriend was their 12.24 at shop was shut, he said to the man "theirs still five minutes till you close i just drove all the way from ........... i just wanted to look at the chest freezers" the so called manger said in a rude manner " NO it's half past i'm the manager and we go with my watch around here" showing me his mobile which should me 12.29 (still early) so my boyfrien went their 5 mins early for it opening since we where going with the so called managers watch and guess what it never opened till 13.30 on my boyfriends watch. i no it's only 5 mins but when your catching ferrys and stuff it's not very good. anyway my boyfriend got in and guess what they never even had chest freezers in. i think the so called mangager could have said.


thats twice we've left that shop meaning to buy something and gone somewhere else because of that man. will never shop in that shop again. that man needs a customer care course. the man need's a customer care course... :x

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I have had much the same bother, went their about five minutes before closing time and they where closed, a few days later back in lerwick and went shopping at the hydro for washing machine, the same chap i think your taking about was very off with use got our washing machine from argos, infact i got my chest freezer from their to. the man from the hydro shop was a tall man with a scottish voice,


i also wont be shopping back their.

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