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biffy clyro

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Don't know about that, but I read this:


Biffy Clyro were urged to change their name by their record label.


The Scottish band, who are named after a Welsh astronaut who attempted to become one of the first men on the moon, believe their "stupid" moniker has made them try harder to do well.


Singer Simon Neil, said: "We were 15 when we picked that name. The first record company said, 'You have to change it'.


"We stood firm. In retrospect we probably should have, but it's given us a drive - we know our name's stupid, but wait till you come and see us."


The 'Mountain' hitmakers have toured extensively, around the UK but found their experiences performing on the remote Shetland Islands the most bizarre.


Drummer Ben Johnston explained: "The taxi drivers also the nurse who's also the postman."


Simon added: "It was like 'Wicker Man', they're all absolutely nuts."


The group believe their latest album, 'Only Revolutions', offers a better showcase of their personalities than any of their other records.


Simon told Esquire magazine: "It's almost happy sounding. But we're always smiling anyway, even when we're miserable."

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Played at Burra Hall back in 2004 (I think) when Vertigo of Bliss had just come out. I had the privilege of supporting with my old old old band. Great lads, Simon was very shy though especially when I asked him to make my CD out to 'Ebay"'.


We should support original upcoming live music all the way. Seems to be more support for reformed bands these days which is a real shame. We had Biffy in their prime and it was one of the best musical moments for Shetland.

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