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iPhone 3GS


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I'm been trying to decide if I should get the new iphone 3GS.

I can't decide so I'm looking for a bit of advice from people that already have one.

The thing that bothers me a little is that in Shetland you'l not be able to take full advantage of the i phones internet speed since we cant get 3G up here, so using the internet with the iphone will still be pretty slow.


Also the camera on the i phone isn't very appealing to me either.


But with all the applications that the iphone has, Is the mobile worth it.

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Once the novelty of the app store runs dry you'll likely have gotten bored of the battery life (or lack thereof). Add to that the lack of multi-tasking, it's nobbled notification system, itunes requirements and it's really just a fancy looking but limited device. All suit and no trousers if you like. Android devices (the Milestone is a beast) or Palm Pre are far better options if you want a smart smartphone. SE phones are probably the ones to go for if you want a good camera. The iphone is terrible in that department and the others mention above are only slightly better.


You get 3G in Lerwick on O2 and, supposedly, Vodafone in the not too distant future when they start sharing 3G masts. But that's just in LK and I'd be surprised if it ever makes it elsewhere.

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Make sure you get one that has wifi. With most council building and leisure centres having free wifi you can make and recieve calls when no mobile signal.


Just a pity that the Gilbert Bain doesn’t? the last time I was in

I had my spare laptop with me But no such luck. Had to get my brother to do my on-line banking

I would have been nice to do it myself

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