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My jaw is swollen to the size of a golf ball , i am pacing my kitchen crying in such bad pain from this abcess i dont know what to do , so i phone nhs 24 no help there , rinse with salt..done that..phone a and e no help there , no dentists here sorry...i honestly havent ever felt pain like this in my life ( and ive given birth ) taken paracetamol...ibruprofen , tramadol...nothing is working ..and ive got hours ahead of me..


anywhere else in the uk there would be an emergancy clinic to go to ..i am stunned now one will help me , not even a doctor , its sadistic ...i want to move.

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The same thing happened to me before Christmas, Xoni, (no emergency clinic near me either) so I absolutely sympathise with what you're going through.


As well as maximum doses of all the normal painkillers, I put a wrapped hot water bottle on the swollen bit, and found that helped ease it a wee bit.

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The same thing happened to me before Christmas, Xoni, (no emergency clinic near me either) so I absolutely sympathise with what you're going through.


As well as maximum doses of all the normal painkillers, I put a wrapped hot water bottle on the swollen bit, and found that helped ease it a wee bit.


see i was doing that they said to stop because heat makes the infection worse... :(

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Xoni, are you in Shetland? My husband had bad pain because of an abcess on a tooth. I phoned NHS24 and I spoke to someone and answered questions. Then they asked if hubby was ok to speak to a dental nurse, which he was, and she discussed more stuff and made DIY suggestions. He was trying those when we got a phone call about a couple of hrs later and he was taken immediately in the Brae Health Centre. This was on a Sunday morning. He couldn't speak highly enough of the whole service.


If you're in such pain and can't get emergency dental treatment, then I would go to A&E. Good luck and hope you get it sorted soon.




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Horrible situation to be in, abcess is very distressful but I dont think it will be a dentist you'll have to see first anyway as they will only tell you to get Anti-biotics off the doc before they can treat you, and I'm guessing you cant call a doctor out so I agree with MJ & Fifi and if possible head for A & E....

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Hubby needed emergency dental treatment the other month. He was told there was no emergency dental clinic so I spoke to Chief Dental Officer only last Friday.


There is an emergency dental clinic in Lerwick. You have to apparently telephone at 8.30am and they will "try" to see you that day. They muttered something about if you were on their waiting list but the Chief Dental Officer said you should be seen. Incidentally, we have the complaint forms as hubby had no idea where they were, that they existed and went to a private dentist. I pointed out to the CDO that they were NOT in the Yellow Pages and not everyone knew where to go for emergency dental treatment and perhaps they would care to advertise their services more so that people would know. Granted, many people in Shetland will know but many people just moving here will not. There is also a dental clinic (NHS) in Brae (I think).


The details are:-


Montfield Dental Health Centre

Burgh Road




Tel: (01595) 743160


A friend of mine down south is a dentist. For toothache generally, he advised me to gargle with any alcoholic spirit (whisky, vodka, but apparently brandy is pretty good), not to swallow (I told him I fully intended to swallow) as it NUMBS the nerves.


I really do hope you get better soon and by now have received the treatment you require.


In case anyone interested, apparently the wait in Shetland for NHS is now three and a half years but they plan to open a new surgery in the next 12 months.

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Guest Anonymous

had an abcessed tooth there a couple o year ago , hellish it was, ended up taking off to casualty is was so sore , but it burst while i was there. Next day was the usual "ifs & buts" everywhere n me in mortal fear o the teethache comin back n ended up payin £60 to get an end to it. Then the dentist who pulled it scoffed in amazement that i had such a tooth wi how much o it was filling n was quite factual that it should never have there to get abcessed, peerie story for you

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This is probably entirely irresponsible and of the 'don't try this at home’ variety but... I went through a day and night like that in my early twenties and I thought the top of my head was going to come off. (It was a front tooth. It subsequently turned a very funny shade of green and years later I got it crowned when I was pregnant and it was free...)


That Monday morning when I eventually got to the dentist (abscess having blown up on Sunday morning) he didn’t even bother with an anaesthetic or anything – he just took the drill straight to the back of the tooth - out came the most foul-smelling liquid and away went the pain - just like that.


You don’t happen to have a husband with a Black and Decker, a very fine sterilised drill bit and a very steady hand? I’d trust mine to do it because he is very good at that sort of thing - I wouldn’t trust anyone else though!


Failing that – go with the whisky and make sure you have a chauffeur on standby for the morning…

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From NHS Shetland website




If you need urgent assistance for a dental problem outside normal office hours, please phone NHS 24 on 08454 242424.






Urgent and emergency NHS treatment is always available, both to both unregistered patients and to patients who are registered with one of our dentists in Brae, Montfield, Whalsay and Yell. Patients registered with Alan Owen & Associates Dental Practice in St Olaf Street, Lerwick, should contact that practice in case of an emergency.


Our reception staff will be able to arrange a time for you to attend.


Emergency appointments will take priority and urgent appointments will be arranged as soon as possible, depending on the severity. Appointments for other dental problems will normally be available within a week.


We do NOT usually operate a ‘sit and wait’ policy for emergency and urgent appointments.


The following dental problems are examples that probably require emergency or urgent attention:




* Facial swelling or abscess

* Broken teeth following an accident

* Excessive bleeding following extractions




* Severe toothache not controlled with painkillers

* Toothache of several days duration

* Gum problems or pain lasting more than a few days




Other dental problems such as lost crowns, broken dentures, lost or broken fillings may also require attention, and appointments to deal with these problems will be available as appropriate.


Hope the problem is resolved very soon.

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^^Eh? I've just been on http://www.shb.scot.nhs.uk/healthcare/shetlandwide/dental/ and can't see the above there.


However, the Chief Dental Officer did say he would ask IT to update the site and good if they have but why can't I find it? My PC is programmed to go to updated websites and not those stored on my PC.

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