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Dipped Headlights

Kavi Ugl

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Bit of a minefield this,


There are clear guidelines, if you can see the car to flash it, what could be the problem?

If the visibility is less than 100m foglights are advisable, but folk forget to turn them off when the conditions change.




and this




Impersonating an officer, I jest, but, could be seen as.......


But, the 100m rule...





I wonder how many accidents have been caused by folks flashing for the wrong reasons? IE, other than letting other drivers know they are there.

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"Witnesses told Sky News that some motorists were driving without headlights at the time of the accident"


Sounds familiar!. 


From what I saw during the month of summer fog here and as the dusky/dark conditions return it pains me to say that so many Shetlanders still seem oblivious to the use of headlights......

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Oh dear, it seems to be that time of year again where so many drivers are not grasping that the darkness is setting in and drive without even a sidelight on.


As I travelled home from Scy to LK last night about 7.15pm someone in a black 4x4 followed me all the way without any headlights on at all.


A black vehicle, in the half dark with no lights on.......

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