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Dipped Headlights

Kavi Ugl

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Back on topic folks if Shetlandpeat has laid eggs and hatched some clones that's a problem for the English.


You know what's actually worse than people who don't fire up the lights in low light conditions is those people that retro fit those high intensity discharge lights and then don't bother to calibrate them properly so all they do is blind everyone coming the other way. The thing is they're actually illegal if not fitted correctly and with a headlight washer system. So while the cops are hammering folk for not having lights on they should also be scudding more folk for blinding other road users. Before folk moan about all xenon headlight systems while they are bright at least they have a self levelling system to stop the lights pointing in folks eyes the whole time, these HID abortions just bathe everything with so much bright light that folk think they're going to be abducted by aliens.

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