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Changes in Shetland (what can you remember?)


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Everything east of the old North Road from Grantfield to the power station with the exception of the fish factory and Station Garage was pretty much a derelict decaying midden. And, beyond the west turn at the north end of the straight of the old North Road, there was nothing unless the Decca and Rearo.

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I mind going to see Return of the Jedi when I was about 7 years old at the North Star, My first length underwater at the old swimming pool and my first under-age pint in The excelsior.


Can anyone remember when Lochside stores was called The Igloo? Nobody believes me about this and I'm starting to think that maybe it's just the confused memories from of a really boring dream I once had...

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^^ LOL


doglover, thank you! I'm liking this thread lots ;) :D :P



Not that'n a great thing .. but G deck on da nort boat. Showering and shaving in da 'first person gits daer gits served athoot da slester o previous fok toilet/showers' scenario.



.... ehm.



You could climb up da tower at 'Mossy Hill' and see da lent o Shetland, literally. Damn... never ever took a camera up daer!

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The dump at Clickimin still in use. Harry Hay's saleroom being upstairs in Mounthooly Street, then when the Norski that owned the building went bust, moving to a patched up burned out Nissen hut surrounded by rotting half burned out cars in what had been Mair's Yard next the old power station.


Health and safety would have heart attacks if anyone tried it today. :lol:

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Guest Anonymous
Da steamers pier wi aa its biggins n fok trying to find parking places on da nort side.

the first trips i was sooth were from the old pier in the said "steamers store" era 8) , can mind the steamers store being the frieght centre lol

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