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Streamline/Shetland Line


Do they provide a good customer service  

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have you tried a gentle reminder call? Have found if you do a quick, polite, check they very often deliver that day if they do have it. Well at least that works in town for my work deliveries.

Did find myself blaming streamline for a home delivery network failure over christmas, but the render found the problem. It never got handed over to streamline.

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Hmm, my experiences haven't been the greatest.


Just last year I had a parcel coming from Holland with TNT and it never seemed to appear so I started to ask aound and popped down to Streamline to ask if they had it.


I was told no there was nothing for me but what appeared at my house the very next day with Streamline?. My parcel.


Again just last year I was waiting for a package from sooth which was posted on Tuesday and their ship arrived on the Thurdsay and yet my package was delivered on the following Monday afternoon :evil:


A friend has also told me that he popped down to the warehouse looking for a parcel one time only to be told that there was nothing for him but he persisted and so was shown a container "to have a look in". So on his own he started rumagring over the mountain of other packages etc and what did he find?. His parcel....


I've found DHL/Northwards the fastest.

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The folk there have always been fine, pleasant and helpful but I've most definitely noticed a pattern to deliveries that take a lot longer to arrive than you'd ever think or want... they come through Streamline. Things do have a habit of sitting in the warehouse for a number of (like several) days. A friendly phone call to check has always been fine in my experience and they've no problems with you going in to collect yourself.

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Nope, depending on who you speak to decides if you are allowed to come & pick up stuff.


Couple of weeks ago was waiting for a Club Book parcel which according to my 'Next Tracking' should have been delivered a while before. Phoned them and asked if they could check if it was here as part of it was needed in a hurry and I was more than happy to collect. Left my name & number for somebody to call me back.


2 days later I phoned again as nobody had contacted me. Was told that they had hundreds of parcels delivered in each shipment and as mine was bulky it would probably be at the bottom of the 'cage'. Asked them if they could check so I could collect. Again left contact details but nobody ever phoned me.


My other half went there the next day and asked if it had been found and the woman there told him the same story about the sheer amount of stuff they had to process. He then asked if he could go with the store boys and look (as he knew what size of parcel he was looking for) to be told absolutely not as that's not how they do things and if nobody had contacted me then the goods were not here.


Next day the stuff was delivered which had obviously been lying in the store for days (know this as Shetland Line had not had another boat in since!), 2 1/2 weeks late - good job I wasn't sending it back as my aproval date was well passed!


It's a shame because they used to be really quick off the mark with deliveries are they possibly doing too much with not enough drivers?

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Guest Anonymous

shetland transport yes, those are the ones who gave me a quote on the phone and then sneaked the VAT on top after it arrived , swearing on a stack of bibles i was wrong afterwards of course , Vat was about £60 . Also humped me for a fiver on a small parcel which i was on my way to pick up, passed the van comin out as i was on me way in , rather sneaky i thought , hmmm

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Streamline seem to refuse t actually bring onything up tae wir hoose! They obvoiusly duna want t hiv t open da gate and bring it up da hill!

They joost leave it at wir neighbours hoose at da bottom o the road, which is a pain in da bloody muckle sphincter when u hiv t drag things up the hill in bad weather kis they canna b ersed t tak it up!

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Another of my friends was waiting on a new computer just a week or two ago which came via Streamline but they couldn't deliver it because "the road was too snowy".


It was in Lerwick and from the top of the main road down to my friend's house was literally only 40ft so they obviously couldn't be bothered to leave the van at the main road and walk the 40ft down to to his house.....

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