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Independence for Shetland!


Where do you stand?  

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I wonder how many people realise how close we came to autonomy and separation from Scotland in 1978?

That is very interesting and must be a little bitter for many of you.




An interesting perspective on European trade and membership Trønder. Thank you.


I don't think many people hereabouts really have much idea of what went on around 1978. I am led to believe that at least one of the councillors who worked so hard toward the amendment was voted out at the next election as his constituents had noted his absence from Shetland and presumed he was therefore doing nothing for them!


On the subject of Dialect/Language might i point interested parties to some of the interesting discussions here also Shetland Dialect Forum

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Once the Act was passed some in Westminster realised what they had just 'lost' and representation was made to Shetland to persuade the SIC to reject the Act, as was their right. Under the weight of this 'persuasion' Edward Thomason eventually reneged on all that had been achieved and rejected the Act.


Do you know wha put on the pressure and of what nature was it?

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Guest Anonymous

I attended his talk and found it very informative, a lot of it was pretty much what I was told by local teachers before the education system was overun by (for want of a better word) soothmoothers.

From the mid 70s on we were taught a lot of "Scotish" history but none or blatantly wrong Shetland history. I have taken the liberty of copying his talk here I am sure he won't mind...




(*** MOD - Overly long, copyrighted text removed and link provided instead. ***)


I would like to thank Stuart for his efforts and only hope that the people of Shetland start to take a grip of their own affairs

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I have taken the liberty of copying his talk here I am sure he won't mind.... © Copyright Stuart Hill 2007

Why are you sure he wont mind? Unless you are Stuart Hill, or have his express permission, then you are not permitted to do this. He has a website which contains this already and, as a web site owner, probably values the traffic; so let's just link there instead, eh?



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But as previously mentioned, the big problem is that there is no one out there with the guts to lead those who want an independent Shetland. We (over 50%) are all happy to write about how great an independent Shetland would be, we have a strong legal basis for our claim, a strong identity, a flag, but there is no party or person out there willing to take it to the media and the public at large...yet


Perhaps we can get the Faroese PM to help us out!


Would any of you out there be willing to stand for an independent Shetland next Scottish election in four years?

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I was interested to read in a previous posting, of concerns about centralised government which is based in Brussels. The EU is (in my opinion) becoming 'top-heavy' and overly beaucratic.


Am I the only one who finds it faintly ironic that whereas the former Soviet Union(s) went to great lengths to become de-centralised from Moscow, we seem to be heading the other way - ie, central government from Brussels.


What was seen to happen in the former Soviet republics, was that (as a generalisation) those geographically closer to the core (Moscow) fared 'better' than those many miles away. Other than for oil interests, will Shetland really be of interest to those power in Brussels ?

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