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Independence for Shetland!


Where do you stand?  

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    • Crown dependency
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Guid help wis if Cluness & Goodlad get dir sticky fingers on mair levers o poor


Granted there has been plenty of examples of, shall we say, less than brilliant spending of public money. But frankly political rulers will always waste money. Scottish Parliament anyone?!


Local political types may be no better than the national variety but they are no worse.


In the same sense people always have a go at the MSPs saying they're much worse than those Scottish politicians at Westminster. Like Alastair Darling is so much better! :roll:


And of course, all politicians fail in the end.

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(***Mod Edit - Merged with existing thread***)


An open letter to the people of Shetland

Freedom for the Shetland Isles

Written by Christopher Macdonald


In a recent poll on www.shetlink.com 64% of people wanted the Shetland Isles to break away from the UK (either in the form of a Crown Dependency or a fully independent State). This majority wished for an end to the unfair taxation from the UK Government, their claim to the oil and fish in the waters around the islands and most importantly, their right to rule here in the Shetland isles.

Sadly the truth is that the way things are going this freedom will remain only a distant wish.

There are, however, a growing number of individuals who are campaigning for the Independence of the Shetland Isles. I am one of them and I am looking for help.

I have a plan that will help us fight and fund this most important legal battle and one which will deliver substantial revenue streams to the Shetland economy to help sustain Independence.

However I need to own a small piece of Shetland land to make this dream a reality. I am not a rich man nor am I currently a landowner and my plan requires that I own a plot of land of about one acre.

I must therefore appeal to anyone or any group, anywhere in Shetland, who values Independence and wishes to help, to donate a tiny portion of land to help me fight for the Independence which has been denied to the isles for hundreds of years.

If anyone wishes to contact me regarding this request, please email me at cmacdonald1989@aol.com

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Whilst I don't live there yet, I'm interested in doing so, and I'd be most interested to hear what your plans are to provide substantial revenue streams for Shetland would entail, if your able to speak publically about that, that is.


I must hurry up and move there before I have to pass immigration checks :-)

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Last time I read such a passionate plea for help it was from Nana Umbotu from Nigeria who's father was killed by his corrupt business partner and if I would just give him my bank account details to hide the $37.5m I would get 10%.


I didn't give him my account details and I wouldn't pass over an acre for nothing either certainly without seeing these great ideas and even then I probably wouldn't do it as people with great ideas can generally come up with a pot to pish in.

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So cmacdonald1989, what exactly is your motivation to 'fight and fund this most important legal battle'??


The words 'donate' and 'land' do not appear together very often I'm afraid. Even hospitals have purchase land, so I don't think there is much hope for a strange request like your one.


As I said, contact Mr Hill in the already declared Dependency, he'll see you right with all matters Independent. Just wear your lifejacket when you go :lol:

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