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Contrails over Shetland


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I'm well aware we're on the America flight path and those two could well be what you say but if they are contrails (4 engines or 2) they will not zig-zag to scar the whole sky and they will not hang about slowly spreading over a matter of hours; Which is what we get.




Koy - I would be real interested in knowing where the photo's you posted were taken from (somewhere in Shetland?) - If not I can only assume they are examples from the 10s of thousands of stock contrail photos available on the web. We usually only get the criss-cross-over effect on really busy flight paths (and at Red Arrow et al airshows of course). Seems to me they hang about and spread slowly over a matter of hours very much like that other aerial condensation we see - clouds.

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I followed Koy's suggestion and Googled chemtrails. I can recall watching film of World War 2 planes producing contrails and my quick research found this article stating that they were first recorded in the First World War.




In a fascinating article: Wakes of war: contrails and the rise of air power, 1918-1945 Part I–early sightings and preliminary explanations, 1918-1938, (Air Power History. 54.2 (Summer 2007): 16(16).), Donald R. Baucom give an account of the rise of high altitude flight, and the inevitable accounts of contrails, both persistent and otherwise, that occurred during that time. The first powered plane had only flown in 1903, and the very earliest report of a contrail is just 15 years later, in the autumn of 1918, in an account of Captain Ward S. Wells, Army Medical Corps, who was serving with the 60th Infantry, 5th Division, American Expeditionary Force, during the Meuse-Argonne campaign.


"Our attention was first drawn to the sky by the sudden appearance of several strange and startling clouds–long, graceful, looping ribbons of white. These were tapering to a point at one end and at the other where they dissolved into nothingness 60 degrees across the sky, were about as broad as the width of a finger held arm’s distance from the eye. On close observation we noticed some distance ahead of each cloud point the tiny speck of a chasse [sic] plane…. [N]ever before had I seen a plane writing in white upon the blue slate of sky."

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That they are doing it is imo, in little doubt. It's not just Shetland; It's worldwide. Their reasons are their own but with 1,240,000 hits on Google for "chemtrails" personal research shouldn't be too hard. I suggest avoiding the Wikipedia and instead using your eyes first.


Koy - you may have a point - I increased the contrast of the photo a posted earlier and by gum >>> :shock:



sorry Fjool - couldn't resist - no more C*ap (from me) here

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Beg pardon Fjool. Just one more, Pleeeease.


We usually only get the criss-cross-over effect on really busy flight paths


The photos were from the web but I've seen exactly the same multiple, wide spread spraying right over my head, in every direction, on many a sunny day; right here in Shetland.


These may be some handy pointers...


Space Preservation Act of 2001[/url]"] (B) Such terms include exotic weapons systems such as--


(i) electronic, psychotronic, or information weapons;


(ii) chemtrails


HARRP patent[/url]"]It has also been proposed to release large clouds of barium in the magnetosphere so that photoionization will increase the cold plasma density, thereby producing electron precipitation


Of course an anti-missile shield could well be the least of HARRP's functions.

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no more C*ap (from me) here


Your C*ap is of little bother; I've not come to expect much else from you bug.


Don't be so coy Koy. Never let Bug bug you. His comment you quote was planely (sic) addressed to Fjool. Your expectations are indeed yours and yours Alone.

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I have seen a plane flying across the sky e-w, disappear, then back again w-e etc until there were 4 or 5 trails (parallel lines) like in the first picture Koy posted. I took a photo, because I wanted to see if I could zoom in on the picture any better than I could see with binocs. I thought it must have been some kind of survey plane. Just been searching for the photo but the damn government must have hacked into my computer and deleted it! :shock: Don't worry Fjool, if I find the pic I'll start a new thread!

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There are differing temperatures at different levels.


Engine condensation hangs around longer the colder it is.


Nice try; no banana.

I've seen the higher of two parallel planes be the one with the shorter trail, with the lower one stretch fom horizon to horizon;


It is you who gets no bananas, could be a temperature inversion, different engine exhaust temperatures,


or just misjudging the altitudes, look how close these 2 are. Not very.




Perhaps you had detailed Met info for that time, engine telemetry from each aircraft and you used trigonometry to measure their heights. Probably not though, I imagine you just jumped to another fanciful conclusion that supported what you beleived in the first place.

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Last summer, on a heavy spray day, I've counted 16, plain white, high altitude jets in a 4 hour period go in every direction and leave the trails that then linger for a couple of hours before slowly spreading till the whole sky is a pale haze.


Seen 4 lay some down about a week ago one after the other but none since. Give it time; summers coming and they seem to have a grudge agasinst us getting too much blue.


It's a Small Consolation I suppose, to know at least our Gibber gets to soak in it as well.

Whether he knows about it, or sits blind, in dumb, trusting ignorance.



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