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Would a Wetherspoons pub be popular in Shetland?


I would welcome the opening of a Wetherspoons pub in Lerwick.  

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  1. 1. I would welcome the opening of a Wetherspoons pub in Lerwick.

    • Yes
    • No
    • Yes but not in Lerwick town centre

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Are you from there ?


I've relations who live up there - also Burra, Scalloway, Quendale and Fair Isle.


Wish I was there now; actually, any part of Shetland would be nice. :D


no quite - fae da wilds o Yell, an he's lok nicer da day dan dan he wis yisterday

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Guest posiedon

Wetherspoon's business model depends on buying beer (in quantity) from the cheapest suppliers at any time. In many instances, such (surplus capacity) beer would have to otherwise be tipped away.


So the breweries sell it all off (cheap) to Wetherspoon's - who then sell it as 'guest' beers.

I believe they only buy beer that is nearly past it's sell by date, so they get it cheap and sell it cheap; making most of their money from food sales.


As already said, they would be as [un]welcome (by me) as big mac, KFC et al.

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But no!.........at least I hope not. Good Beer Guide entries are meant to be chosen by CAMRA members and there is not meant to be any way to buy your way into the guide. OK so I have had some rather indifferent pints in Wetherspoon pubs but I have also had some really good ales. That short life policy makes sense if the pubs can get the beer ready for sale and then sell it within its intended lifespan. Busy pubs may well be able to do that and there is nothing wrong with the idea as long as the cellar-man is allowed to return beer that is unfit to sell.

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No, no, no!


We have too many pubs as it is. Close down one of them and convert it into a decent Italian restaurant. Put it somewhere near Osla's so that we know where to find it. Close down another one and serve tea/coffee until around 8pm.


The only decent pub Lerwick has ever had was Baroc. The rest are grim and depressing holes that I avoid like the plague.

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While in the one in Aberdeen airport the Mrs and I noted in the weatherspoons magazine that they are asking readers to nominate potential existing building such as old cinemas, banks and churches that would lend themselves to the weatherspoons model.

Since then we have been thinking of possibilities and we reckon there are a couple of old churches in the toon that would fit the bill.


What's the score with the old church building on St.Olaf St facing the park :idea: :?:

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