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Thanks for all these hoose websites, given me plenty of ideas.


It's just a shame that unless your site is in a Zone 1 area of the local development plan the SIC's planning department think they have a right to dictate the style, shape, size, finish etc of your house.


Which is madness when there's clearly a housing shortage, not just in Shetland but UK wide.


We've been told umpteen times by planners to build a vernacular "skye homes" type building, which is not what we really want and that timber cladding wouldn't be suitable. In my opinion timber is 100% more sustainable than quarrying rock and the finish is superb. I thought they had a code for sustainable homes surely a timber framed/timber clad home is far more sustainable than a stone/block built home.


I guess we'll have to keep banging our heads against the wall till they have a common sense breakthrough.

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Hi smeghead, no problem :D


I think it's a disgrace if the SIC planners are trying to, or are, dictating what you should build. If I was you or anybody else in that position there is no way on earth that I would give into them and would get my councillor onto it asap. Another option is to write a letter to the letters page of The Shetland Times. They should be encouraging fresh and imaginative architecture in Shetland, not dictating one option to everybody....


If anybody has actually chosen a design for their house from one of these links I would be humbled to know about it.


And few more ideas :D



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And another one along with some pictures from Faroe. I think these black and white windowed, grass roofed houses looking very nice.











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Something more to look at and browse on this cold Sunday afternoon.








And a nice bit of colour:



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Now that the new SIC building at the North Ness has been clad, it is interesting to see that it has a certain Norskyatious look, as well as a hint of Tokugawa castle (which is generally good). Would I be right in thinking Kavi Ugl is pleasantly surprised?

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Now that the new SIC building at the North Ness has been clad, it is interesting to see that it has a certain Norskyatious look, as well as a hint of Tokugawa castle (which is generally good). Would I be right in thinking Kavi Ugl is pleasantly surprised?


Ha, ha!. Well, it's certainly a lot better than what's been built previously in Shetland but I personally would have clad the whole upper level in a nice coloured wood, maybe red, rather than yon half timber/half render style and then had the base/foundations dark grey render. But, yes I am pleasantly surprised by it and hope we see more imaginative public architecture.


I think the main talking point is why the SIC need such a huge building for social services, but that's for another thread!.



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Im surprised the toon hall haven't hijacked the Mareel yet, to convert it into a multi storey garage for the occupants of said new building, it would be about the right cost for a SIC investment, overbudget and significantly delayed; and hijacked at the last minute for a multitude of uses other than what was originally intended for it. :D

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I do like these links you are posting; indeed it is giving my partner and I food for thought as we will be moving to Shetland next year and after an initial period of renting, hope to build our own home. We'd want it to fit in with the area but also be observant of sustainably sourced materials :)


Thanks, it's very nice to get some feedback and appreciation :D .


If your move to Shetland works out and you do build a house sometime I would encourage you to build something fresh and imaginative. The timber and grass roofed houses I've posted links to would be a good step in that direction and be more sustainable.

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I really do appreciate these links; they are informative and to be honest, save me a whole lot of "internet legwork" in researching house designs.


I can assure you (and anyone else who reads this post) that whatever we end up building will be of sustainlably sourced materials, so more probably than not will be a timber home.


My partner and I are unsure as to whether a steel or timber frame/skeleton would be best, and need to put some more research into this. We do like the Erlund "look" of timber housing, though like the house designs of Helvik Hus so we may end up with a hybrid.


Either way, please do keep posting these links and images; it is very appreciated and proves informative to us potential island incomers. If possible, please post details of what is currently being approved/built on Shetland so we know what type of housing construction is underway; whatever we build will be sympathetic to the landscape but will also pay homage to Shetland's Nordic heritage :)

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