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Bill Bailey... Clickimin... May?


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I am surprised that you haven't heard of her before now, she is quite a prolific writer and has featured in many high-profile articles.


She has written many autobiographies and compiled them in an amazingly unique way continually releasing new revisions as and when required. Some criticism from the press has occurred when she revealed details that people didn't want published but despite that she has remained a very popular author.


Now don't get me wrong, I have spent many an evening reading through her factual accounts but to do so I also needed to read through her fictional work. Unfortunately this accounts for much of what she publishes and is the really negative side of what she is capable of. She should write less about Vampires and farming and concentrate on the cold hard facts of life. Even though, I recommend that you do read her book.


Fay's Book.

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And also keep a bit of perspective about this, Bill Bailey is obviously very popular and short of running a raffle with a random number generator there will always be difficulty in securing a ticket in such demand. It's not particular to Shetland either, how many folk have sat hitting redial for gigs on the mainland, with thousands of tickets available and still been disappointed? - I know I have.

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^^ Many, many times. Funny how many just accept the rarity of tickets, not to mention the £50 - £75 price tag of mainland gigs without batting an eye.


I think it's a good thing we are experiencing the same, much better that than attracting big names to half empty venues!


I hope the promoter has a boat organised though, or the scramble for tickets may have been for nothing...

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Boo! Sat on the phone pressing redial since 9am and finally got through at 09:54 and all of the 400 tickets were gone. Roll on the online system :-(


I was on phone all morning too,I got through(well it rung) at 9:10 and just rung and rung and rung till it cut off, tried again got through at 9:40 and boom....all sold out. was fuming!

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