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Shetland Islands to Iceland, via the Faroe Islands

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I wish to go home to Iceland on sea (not because of volcano... I thought it would be adventurous.)


There used to be a ferry going from Aberdeen to the Faroe Islands, connecting to the ferry there going to Iceland.

There isn't any more.


So I am looking for an alternative way to get home... without having to fly.

I have narrowed it down to the bit between the Shetlands and Faroe Islands (or Icleand... if that would be possible).

The ferry leaves for Iceland on monday the 24th of may.


Is there anyone sailing this rute, or might be able to tell me where to find someone, that would take on adventurous passangers or volenteers?


I am in Glasgow at the moment and will be here until around the 12th of may. Anything after that is good.


With hope of good replies

Jóhanna Björk

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Sadly, we have no ship connection to Iceland or Faroe now :(


But, I think some of the Iceland cargo ships(Eimskip?) come and go to Britain so although it might mean you have to go down to a port in England it would still be a sea journey home.


You can watch/see the ships on this website. You can also use the search part to find the location of a ship.




P.S, my car has volcanic dust on it today!.



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Hope there will be a ferry link between Iceland and Scotland (via Faroes, Shetland and Orkney) one day.


Yep , hopefully there will be a link to Iceland again , I would love to go back to Iceland .


Denmark is a long long way to go just to catch a ferry , which sometimes sails through Yell Sound anyways . :?

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Now Smyril Line have a monopoly on freight and have two new freight ships, they are making money- good money. Is this why the Faroese are wanting to buy Shetland out now- we have suffered the poor times and had not too much in return, would it not be best to keep the investment now there has been a change in conditions and things are good. They have even bought a hotel again..FUNNY NONE OF THIS HAS BEEN REPORTED FROM THE RECENT ' FACTFINDING' VISIT- OR MAYBE SOMEONE FORGOT TO TELL THEM ?

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The way Cllr Gary Robinson was speaking after their visit to Faroe a couple of weeks ago it sounded as if it was the SIC/SDC that was pulling the plug. tbh, it wasn't made very clear in the interview he gave.


He spoke about "drawing a line under it" but I sincerely hope it wasn't initiated by the Shetland end.


Unless Smyril Line has made an offer?.  Even if it was Smyril Line I'd have done my upmost to keep the link and relationship.


Don't forget that when the company was in difficulty even Bergen got dropped from the schedule.


I would urge for a re-think and at least we were getting a decent dividend from it now.

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Be typical for them to come out if its going well. SIC is more proficient at poor investments. It's surprising that it has never been reported in the local media that Smyril's competitor in the freight sector is no more and that they now have a monopoly. Also that they have got two new cargo ships and that they have got a hotel. More surprising is that the expert in all things Nordic on Shetlink, has not reported any of this either. With the SIC's expertise in maritime operations gained from the Bonxie and Solan, you'd have thought they would like to keep them on board as partner!

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According to this article the the Smyril Line holding company is owned by Framtaksgrunnur Føroya (Faroese Development Trust) 33,6%, the Faroese Government 23,6%, TF Holding 20,7% and the Shetland Development trust 6,8%, the remaining shares are owned by several minor stakeholders.




The SIC received a £137,000 pre tax dividend from Smyril Line in late 2015.



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Setting apart dreaming about floods of folk disembarking off the Norrona to spend untold wealth in the fair city of Lerwick, the issue is about whether Shetland is better off keeping its investment in Smyril or cashing in whilst the share price is apparently good.


We've no say on the board (as far as I know) and are a minority shareholder, so have no control over its future.

So, are we better off gambling on getting a divvy that, at present, is less than the Cooncil tax for 100-ish houses or should we cash in and invest the lump sum in our own infrastructure?


BTW: Does anyone know how much Shetlands' share is worth? I can't seem to find a share price online or how much the total is.

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I would keep the investment..  I mean, £137,000 pa.  You could keep some public toilets open for that or, maybe even a waiting room for bus passengers. 


Would they get the original investment back?  Hmmmm


Would they spend it wisely or, would they squander it on some hair-brained scheme? Almost certainly the latter.


As far as I can see, it's money "down the pan" hence, the reference to public toilets.


The SIC took a "punt" on Smyril Line in the hope of developing transport links, tourism, business etc. and, when the going got a bit tough, found out that Faroe/Smyril didn't really care about Shetland.


Now that Smyril seem to be doing fairly well, they want to buy back the SIC's shares.  For that reason alone, I would refuse to sell.  Bloody minded, certainly and, perhaps, not a good business decision but, it "keeps a foot in the door" with Faroe.

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