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The North Boat (Northlink ferries)


Where should the North Boat dock?  

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  1. 1. Where should the North Boat dock?

    • Aberdeen
    • Rosyth
    • Peterhead
    • Barbados

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I'm a tad surprised Malcolm - it was only on the tourism thread that you appeared to be asking Shetlinkers not to post anything negative concerning tourism on here as tourists read the forum yet less than 24 hours later, you yourself post something negative about the ferries. Whilst your comments may well be valid re the ferries, has it not dawned on you that many tourists arrive via the ferry and your own comments may well have put them off? :wink:



I was asking people to stop being negative about Shetland as there are a surprising amount of Shetlanders who were knocking Shetland to hell and back.

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yep glad someone has explained aberdeens problems and difficultys of getting a ship in and out in bad weather. rastis thanks


its normally the draught of the ferry that is the problem, and yes aberdeen harbour is possibly to blame they know the ferry cant go anywhere else but our MSPs should at least ask the questions and publish some answers.


i went up on boat and flew back on saturday reckoned this mite be coming my flight was 45 quid booked night before ferry would have been 10quid cheaper

cant help the weather if it was easy to live in shetland there would be 50,000 ppl there (mainly cos council is too good to us) and then it wouldnt be what it is.


its a pain i admit that but we are close to losing the best ferry service we have ever had mabye we should be happy they at least sailed and gave it a shot???

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Surely the best 'plan b' would be to have a ro-ro ramp at Peterhead, where there are no bad weather closures.


It would also save iro. 3,000 litres of marine gas oil per vessel, per sailing going there.


The Norrona has also made a few runs to Peterhead and she appears much larger than any of the Northlink Ferries.

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45 quid how the hell did you manage to get that fare?


First flight up and last flight down are usually cheapest, can't get £45, but £49 is close.


Your total fare including taxes and charges is shown below.



Mon 29 Nov 2010Dep 19:50 Arr 20:50Sumburgh ‭(LSI)‬ to Aberdeen ‭(ABZ)‬ Fare 34.00GBP Taxes and Charges 14.63GBP Seats GBP

Bags GBP

Check In GBP



Insurance (inc. IPT tax) GBP Car hire GBP Transaction Fee GBP Credit Card Supplement GBP Discount funded by Loganair GBP

Total so far (GBP 48.63)

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i always go xmas shopping in abdn this weekend in november. Booked one way flight in July -must have been an offer- £28.05 :D went last flight friday. Came back on boat last night and it was fine. I slept anyway, probably tired from the shopping! I'll go the same weekend next year and take my chances with the weather.

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