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The North Boat (Northlink ferries)


Where should the North Boat dock?  

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  1. 1. Where should the North Boat dock?

    • Aberdeen
    • Rosyth
    • Peterhead
    • Barbados

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But it is funny reading the Master Mariners slagging off ferry skippers.


BTW, Bluemull ferry cancelled on Monday because of the weather and both they and Yell Sound cancelled over the Christmas break. Perhaps Papsy would like to jump aboard his fishing boat to nip up there and tell the skippers just how pish they are?  :ponders:



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Given the prolonged stormy conditions, Well done to northlink in throwing away the timetable and basically sailing when they can. I see on AIS the Hrossey managed a 10 hour trip from Lerwick to aberdeen on Thursday followed by a 5 hour turnaround.


And before the 'XYZ would sail every night'/fuel saving/crew change brigade turn up, you've said it all above so save your index finger.


Given the crap conditions just now they seem to be trying their best and it must be pretty uncomfortable for the crew as well.

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Could we also be sure that any livestock carried will be perfectly safe? Would you be happy to have your "dream" car parked next to a 30 tonne trailer with the service about to expect severe weather?

St. Sunniva '88, my dad had a last minute panic and jumped out to buy extra insurance - some cad in a shiny new car pinched his place in the queue. Come aberdeen the shiny car had a big dent and was covered in herring. We had animals in our car too - lucky escape!

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Here is the Hamnavoe in Birkenhead with the "new look" what to you think everyone? (Scroll to bottom of thread for pictures).



She hit the pier in Orkney and scuffed some of that new sheen off.


Although the crossing is exciting in these weathers, I can imagine it would worry many, deep down. I would not want to be in one for the new chairs in the forward bar.

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Dinner time, aff o' Fair isle. I'd not wanted to be on her.


Tommy H. Hyndman photo.




Ghostie: I was on her!  :shock:


The Friday night sailing was pulled forward to 10AM that day as the skipper reckoned any later and he wouldn't be able to guarantee the run, it was, er, interesting.


I've been out on bigger seas, but certainly not on a ferry. A few beers and some scran and then into me pit. Luckily, there was only a handful of passengers and a fair amount of freight, I wouldn't want to have been taking my first ever sea trip on that run.......


I reckon the Skipper was keen to ensure being able to get into Hatston. When we tied up there, it was interesting to see the reaction of some of the passengers as they came up from their cabins, hanging onto the handrails, only to realise that the ship was actually tied up and not still ploughing the raging Main! There was certainly a bit of 'movement' in the water......


Journey time was 21hrs down to Aberdhabi.


As an aside, a quick observation upon the delayed AB departure (Wed 21:00) return trip (alongside Lerwick  today 07:30):

The ferry was held back by Aberdeen Harbour deciding it was not suitable conditions for shippping to enter or exit until gone 21:00. Not the skipper, Aberdeen Harbour.


Armchair mariners, please note.......  :thmbsup

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IS it just me that recalls the amount of criticism Northlink took in the first 2 or 3 winters after taking over from P&O for sailing in rough seas?

"Oh! It's disgraceful, they shouldn't have sailed, chairs fell over" Is a synopsis of the comments at the time.

Now they're getting criticism for not sailing in rough seas.


Make yer flaming minds up critics. Grrr

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