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The North Boat (Northlink ferries)


Where should the North Boat dock?  

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  1. 1. Where should the North Boat dock?

    • Aberdeen
    • Rosyth
    • Peterhead
    • Barbados

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^ Independence. (Shetland's, no Scotland's that is).


As someone who routinely criticises the Town Hall mob, do you really think an elected body in Shetland would be effective? Sod that. 


You should not assume that because the SIC, in it's current form, has led to poor governance in recent times that a new form of Government in Shetland would be ineffective. The structure would be totally different. As proven by the recent news article praising the innovative and resilient nature of local businesses, there are plenty of talented and able people in Shetland, just most of them are not in the town hall. 

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1) This is a politician speaking words.

2) The proof is, indeed, in the pudding.

3) Trust has to be earned.


With that out of the way, this is a good start IMO. I like the thinking of the short term price freeze to stop fares being raised... only to allow a subsequent face-saving price reduction in months to come.


I'm not sure what the Shetland Times frothers will have to say about this though! Tinkler will be spitting bullets teeth!

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Good job it's not the Tory government in Westminster in charge of our ferry contract. Chris Grayling the Secretary of State for Transport awarded a £13.8 million ferry contract for a no deal Brexit to a firm with no history, no money, no ships, no employees, no ports, no sailing schedule, one telephone line and terms & conditions copied from a pizza takeaway

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^Infinitely worse and you've just partially explained why in your post...with Serco all the ships, seamen, support staff, ports and sailing schedule were already in place, they're a 90 year old multi national, multi million pound company with 50k employees fulfilling a staggering amount of government contracts.

Seaborne Freight are nobodies with a tiny handful of employees formed little more than a year ago who haven't a pot to pee in or any clue or experience in doing anything, they copied and pasted terms and conditions from a pizza takeaway and a boutique jewellery shop, the ports they were going to use weren't capable of taking the ferries they didn't have on time, their website was non functional and the contract hadn't been properly put out to tender, they were awarded it behind closed doors.

On top of that Seaborne's founder had been jailed for 2 months for firearm offences and the Chief executive's previous company had been forced into liquidation.

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Weel, dir no fantit wis yet.......


I'd rather see a 'real' shipping company running it, one who actually owned a fleet, so that there was maybe a bit more flexibility concerning the vessels used at different times of year etc, but as long as Holyrood hae nae mair wit as buy whits comin ta be auld boats and insist the contract winner uses them, we'll have what we have, I daresay.

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So, yun'll be Serco gotten the northboat contract again.


I dunna use the northboats very often so I'm no in a position to comment, but do you folks tink they do a good job?


I use the Northboat a fair amount and think it is pretty good to be honest.

The service and food is better and they shut the bar at night now.

However I have never used a pod as have never had any problems booking a cabin.

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