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The North Boat (Northlink ferries)


Where should the North Boat dock?  

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  1. 1. Where should the North Boat dock?

    • Aberdeen
    • Rosyth
    • Peterhead
    • Barbados

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were are you mj did you not see the weather last night. you may have been happy to be out in that weather but most would not. the master has to look after the safety of the boat and people on it.

the peak wind was 59.9 knotts with normal winds of 40 not the worst by far but rough still

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i'm glad I wasn't out last night the damage done in the rural north east last night was rather scary. Going to be taking the boy to school through the floods today.

Like I said before I understand their concerns.


But if FlyBe had cancelled your flight due to the weather would you think it's okay to have to pay extra because the only seats left on the next plane cost more than you originally paid?

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am maybe bein old n grumpy , but when its this time o year then midder wit should tel folk it might be rough , same midder wit should tell folk to go n get ready for it , sit down or better still go to the bunk, but no , surely no the modern way. Then theres the odd sprained ankle etc n everybody has to put up "hit n miss" service

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look back a page or so and they were being moaned about for sailing. we just have to trust that the captain knows his boat and what is safe for his ship. maybe we should be grad that we have this service. i hear a lot more about cancelled ferries to the western isles.


maybe we have become spoilt we Are living in northern seas in autumn expect bad weather and put up with it. after all we choose to live here.

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The only gripe I have about our lifeline service is the awful arrival and departure times at Hatston, especially when there's any delays. I really look forward to when they shove in the extra runs between Lerwick and Kirkwall during the summer months, and passengers will not require cabin accommodation, which is what ratchets up the price.

The current times of calling into Kirkwall is nothing short of purgatory for folk travelling wi peerie bairns.

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What is wrong with the P&O system of lunchtime departures for services going via Orkney?. Seemed to work and the tourists liked it. Please do not talk about people shipping fresh products south from Shetland as we now have 2 freight boats and if the faster of those sailed on the same day as the passenger ships went via Orkney there would not be a problem.

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On nights the boat doesn't sail, the comments are along the lines of "da auld boat would hiv geen in dis".


On the nights it does sail, and something unforseen happens the comments are like "weel, even da auld boat wouldna hiv sailed in dis".


These comments are usually made by the same people.


I'm quoting this again because it sums up 90% of the pissing and moaning going on in this thread. Ramsie does make a very good point about the criticism Northlink face regardless of what they do.


Remember just after the new boats took over the route and they hit that terrible spell of weather? A couple of cancellations and people were instantly on their back with the "da auld boat..." mantra. A couple of weeks of this pressure, and the decision was made to sail one pretty rough night - I believe the quote from the Coastguard to the boat (printed in the Times) was something along the lines of "where do you think you are going tonight?". As I recall, this boat got as far as Fair Isle where it took a large wave which caused some damage around the bow then turned back only to find it too rough to go up the east of Shetland, and sheltered off Burra for over 24 hours. Fancy that? No, I don't either.

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Here's my take on the Northlink service.


P&O ran a lifeline service and it's priority was to serve the isles needs. They did this and they did it pretty well - maybe question some of the weather they sailed in and the facilities weren't the best (blocked toilets is summit I always remember) but it was fit for purpose.


When the service went to tender, it's clear to me that Northlink (Scottish government) hoped to subsidise the core service by making the sailing and vessels more attractive to tourists - people who spend lots of money. This is why we have the vessels/prices/timetable we now have.


Other related change we now have is the 'compensation culture' where should anyone hurt themselves due to falling in rough weather, they could possibly argue that it was Northlinks fault for sailing in unsuitable conditions. Hence the reluctance to sail in conditions where the previous operator may have sailed - times have moved on though.


I'd like to think that the Scottish government now realise there isn't a huge untapped year round tourism market and that the service can return to what it's there to do in the first place.


All that said, you still wouldn't get me on any damn boat between Aberdeen and Shetland in anything over a force 4 or 5


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