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Bird Feeding Tables

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The feet? :? Not sure what you mean there. In the most exposed areas a simple square of plywood screwed to the top of a fence post serves well enough without fear of blowing away. To stop the feed blowing off you just need to panel-pin a bead around the edges, leaving the corners open to allow run-off. :wink:

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Does any one know of a good one for up here that will withstand the wind? Been looking about for one and the only thing I can think o doing is digging down and burying the feet.


I forgot Cartoon ones had feet, sure enough garden centres seem to be selling cartoon style bird tables may of matchsticks. No good for man or bird, a scoorie would knock them down.


A rooved table attached to a fence post is probbably your best bet, unless you want to feed every gull in bressay. Do you no still have your old brownie handbook, seem to remember some designs in there.

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