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what is the best smell

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I just finished cutting an acre of lawn. Fortunately, was not pushing a mower but riding a garden tractor. Mom and Dad who live in the the second house on my property drove in and we spent some time agreeing that cut grass looks great but the smell is more wonderful than it's looks. Is there anything that smells better than a freshly mowed lawn? Perhaps a fresh cut hay field? This is the question. What scent brings back memories? Good memories.

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Ah, the smell of the sea. Tis a wonderful scent. The nuances between a flood and ebb are wonderful. Fresh cut hay/grass brings back memories of a time when one was paid $4.00 for a 10 hour day to bring in the hay. Hard work but I love that smell.

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coaltar soap, freshly baked bread, cut grass, real coffee, and top of the list for me has already been mentioned bathed baby!! :D


they should bottle all these so much better than the synthetic smelling perfumes and aftershaves, anyone remember that perfume 'Poison' back in the 80s? jeeze that stuff smelt toxic

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