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Nope but I do hitch it from time to time, the north road is actually the easiest to get lifts along. But if you do drive it maybe worth finding out if there any hirecars spare (there can be a shortage in May) they are relatively cheap and shetland is really a lot bigger than most people appreciate.

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Reason Unst as first port of call is that (hopefully ) have a job (voluntary) with accomadation ,providing all goes well.Too late for me to not come up now all tickets booked for wednesday :) @ the baltasound hotel ..


I'm getting the excited dreaded knotty stomach full of butterflies now .lol

I can't wait been packing and repacking non stop lol


Thanx for offer though bud. and gluck at dentists

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Have no fears of the polar bears cos I will tame them and make them carry me to unst on their backs .The Golden Compass is a factual film so there... a far as the rain goes why I will call storm from the X men to calm things down for me Hmmmmmmmmmm Storm Halle Berry yum yum thoughts of her will keep me warm from the snow so im all set.:P

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