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Is feeding the Seagulls illegal ?


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....feeding the gulls?



Why?....why?....why? :shock:


Aren't they enough trouble when they help themselves to your average urban buffet. The street and Cross resembles a scene from a certain Hithcock film at the back of 3 on a weekend morning. :wink:



I agree, last time I had a chippy in Lerwick the bloody things were landing on the bonnet of the car when I was parked at the fort. It should be illegal to feed them I think!

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Sneak some chips onto their car? Or somewhere similar :twisted:


Was going to do it with some one at work for a laugh to encourage them to finish the re-spray job they had already started :lol:


BTW I wouldn't really recommend it or you might end up paying for a real re=spray witht hose claws and beaks. :cry:

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Right you should be able to ask the council to look at the problem. You would have to go through the process. If the gulls are becoming dangerous agressive and causing mess, along with other birds, especially pigeons then there is a risk of contamination from parasites that can live on the birds, ie red spider mite. The environmental issues from the waste from the birds is an issue. The council can act by putting an order on the person attracting the birds. There is only one thing I know of that is a problem. Hindus believe that when you die you come back as a bird, and they are obliged to look after folk they believe are reincarnated. But that may not be the case I think.

good luck

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I do think they are getting more vicious, I know the birds are more protective at nesting time, but our cat can't go outside now without being dive bombed!


Another neighbour witnessed a gull swooping down and eating a fledgling starling? surely this isn't normal behaviour?

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