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Is feeding the Seagulls illegal ?


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I am plagued by gulls banging on neighbours windows from 5am till 11 pm. She refuses to stop feeding them. They are noisy, aggressive and very messy, plus right opposite a primary school.

I have repeatedly contacted environmental health to no effect. Also tried MP. She put it to Counsel. Not interested.

wondering if we got together with a petition and bad publicity would have any effect.

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I don't tink the cooncil hae any powers to stop folk feedin dem, and I tink it's only legal to cull dem if dey ir a risk tae public safety or tae idder animals. Dir wid be nae point onywye unless da food supply wis stopped as mair wid joost come.

I mind no-say-lang-ago da Abderdeen Cooncil haein a hell o a time we folk feedin dem and leavin grub lyin oot aroond bins. Dir was nothin da cooncil could do apart fae advising folk.

I doot you might be best to gadder some evidence dat dey ir a public safety risk.

Or an air rifle...

You hae my sympathies. Dey ir airborne ersehols!

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Flying Rats and natural scavengers.

Nowhere near as bad (generally) as they used to be, although they do tend to gather where there is food available.

Anyone else remember the days when 'Sea Crown' was moored at the Victoria Pier, or when the harbour was full of fishing boats?  It was a bit of a nightmare.

Fish Factories were another magnet, and not just to gulls!

Perhaps your neighbour sees them as a very efficient way to dispose of household food waste?

I could easily be wrong but, I thought that you could be 'done' under some kind of Public Nuisance legislation for deliberately attracting them.  Not an easy one to push though. 

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