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Practical Driving Test - how many times?

How many times did you sit your practical driving test before you passed?  

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  1. 1. How many times did you sit your practical driving test before you passed?

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^^ Yes well, some of us were on the road for a good number of years before repeated arm twisting from the boys in blue, kinda persuaded us taking tests was maybe something we should actually get round to doing.


The irony of it all being that had we bothered with taking tests 30 years ago, when we probably should have, we'd probably not had the confidence to make such stupid goof ups as assume roads hadn't gotten changed over the years. :oops:

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I took my driving test in London when I was aged around the 25 mark. I had my lessons around the Kings Cross area and will always remember saying to my instructor that I thought I had mastered doing hill starts - so the miserable toe rag took me up Archway in the rush hour! My actual driving test was a fair way from Kings Cross (Barnet) and I only had about 1/2 hr getting familiar with the roads around there.


During my test, I remember perspiring like mad, with my top getting soaked and me sitting at traffic lights thinking I should have sprayed my entire body with Mitchum and not just rolled the damn stuff under me pits.


There are not always many opportunities to overtake traffic in London and was gobsmacked that I did actually overtake a vehicle in my test - ah yes, a glorious milk float ...


The most nerve racking points that spring to mind were: the dreaded reading of number plate, and the questions asked at the end. The examiner asked me if I was doing 40mph in the rain, how far would it take to stop. "Haven't the foggiest", sez I, "and I reckon it depends on the state of your tyres, the weight of your vehicle, and how good your brakes are. In this heap of a Metro, a good 20ft further than that BMW parked over there. I'd err on the side of caution and start braking earlier rather than later". (or words to that effect). He winked, said he knew where I was coming from and that was good enough for him!!


I passed my motorbike tests (Pt 1 and 2) on the first attempt also, having camped out in a B&B in Chelmsford for a week and did an intensive course.


What I reckon helped me the most though was learning to ride a pushbike as a kid in S{by the way, do you realise I tried to swear here?}horpe. There was previously an area opposite where my grandparents lived done out with miniature traffic lights, proper roadmarkings, etc. I spent many a happy school holiday there under the watchful eye of Sgt Wood - if you did so much as lift your ass 1mm off the saddle, good grief, did you know about it! Being a geek learning the highway code at such an early age did help.


In London they reckoned 20-25 lessons before you were ready for your driving test but I still felt as if I was having to think about what I was doing as opposed to changing gears, etc., being second nature so I went against my instructor's advice and didn't take my test until 40 lessons.


I still reckon they should make everyone go pillion or drive a motorbike though before even taking a car driving test - nothing really ever prepares you for the idiot in the Volvo in front of you indicating left then proceeding right, or people who think you should be riding about 2 inches from the kerb, or not realising that the raised manhole cover in the pouring rain is enough for you to meet your maker at a premature date. :wink:

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According to this poll, 81% passed first time!


Shetlinkers seem to be exceptionally skillful learner drivers.


Either that or most learnt in Shetland. Where there is not a huge selection junctions or a lot of cars.


I'm looking forward to my test in the centre of Glasgow woo.

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The poll is flawed. I passed my driving test at my 5th attempt but cannot vote for that in the poll.


Actually, I failed my first driving test without even getting in the car. My eyes had deteriorated without me realising and I failed to read the chosen number plate correctly. I was measured as being 23.5 yards from it (in old money!) instead of the required 25 yards so I was failed instantly.

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According to this poll, 81% passed first time!


Shetlinkers seem to be exceptionally skillful learner drivers.


Shetland has a 66% pass rate officially.


Which is pretty high.

My practical test is tomorrow.

Really excited about it. Not been nervous for weeks so hopefully its the same tomorrow. I know I can do it. Now just got to prove that. :)

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^^ Good Luck :)


So how often are practical tests available in Shetland, I've my Theory booked for the beginning of September, if all goes well whats the soonest I can book my pratical?


Someone else will have to answer that but down here in Glasgow it takes 8 weeks after booking before your test day arrives.


I'm sure in Shetland it is less.

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I passed my car test 1st time, 3 months after my 17th after 8 lessons back when there was no theory test. I'd been driving (on private land) since I was 14 and I was so eager to get my licence and my own car. I took my PCV test 6 years ago and had to sit the theory, I passed them both 1st time. Taking your test in a double decker bus through central London is lots of fun :twisted:

Good luck, I'm sure you'll be fine :)

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