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Practical Driving Test - how many times?

How many times did you sit your practical driving test before you passed?  

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  1. 1. How many times did you sit your practical driving test before you passed?

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Congrats Khit!!!


I passed my third test the Friday morning of the tall ships!! I doubt the fact I didn't have a driving instructor for the first 2 tests was the reason it took till the 3rd!! :lol:


Baptism of fire as far as driving goes ......... I'm in Ireland and driving just now which is a whole different kettle of fish!!! Driving in Shetland will be a breeze when I get home!!!

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Only sat it once and failed. Never tried again, got a bike instead and passed on that no trouble :D Once i had a bike I never wanted a car :lol:


I can appreciate that sentiment. In days of ice and snow, or wind and rain, thinking a car *might* be a wiser choice of transport, yeah, it happens, but only until you make it in to the lee, and to actually want a car, nope. Great big clumsy unmanueverable lumps of uselessness is all they are. :lol:


I think you tried doing it the wrong way around though, car first is the steep learning curve, the bike is a cinch by comparison, and once you're gotten that, you can cream the car one no bother.

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I recently started driving lessons and all is going well. Instructor seems to think that at this rate I'll be able to sit my practical test by the end of the summer. I'm incredibly nervous even thinking about the practical driving test.


How many times did it take you?


Good think now you are a good driver. Did you pass your driving test in first attempt or not? If yes then your driving instructor is really very good.


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When I did my driving test in November last year, I must be the only person who never felt nervous at doing the big one. It was the same when I did my theory which was three months earlier, both of those tests I only passed the first time, some of my old schoolpals said they passed their theory test on the second go. I must be very lucky!


Also, after passing the test, I am starting counting car drivers who switch their foglights on when it isn't foggy (obviously, you shouldn't put your foglights on when there isn't any fog about: it's illegal). I have now come to a cumulative total of about 136, this was in four months after passing my test. I was astounded!

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