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We have a possibility to change things for the better and it seems no-one bar a few are willing or wanting to do anything about it.



Does that not tell you something?


Can you tell us what proportion of the 0.01% of the population who bothered to turn up to your international conference were Shetland residents who were in support of your ideas?


That way we might get a handle on just how much support you actually have. I expected a rush of press releases following the conference, but so far all I know is that 20 or so people turned up and many of the speakers didn't.

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We need to look to Faroe and their relationship with Denmark and the E.U.

And if Shetland could work under some similar sort of relationship with it's parent country, that to should go to the vote and again I would respect the majority decision.


Careful with this kind of talk, I can almost hear the collective ghost of the Shetland Movement starting to stir. :wink:


I don't think we want him up again, a fresh start and not a dusted down and recycled failure is IMHO what the future needs.

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Forget that you've heard Stuart is involved. He is just another individual interested in being free of the Governmental restraints. He holds no leadership position and has no want to.


It's difficult to forget that Stuart is involved since he is and has been the most prominent individual involved. He is also prepared to use his own name, whereas we have two people apparently representing Sovereign Shetland on this thread who are using Shetlink aliases, so we have no way of knowing who they are or whether the information they are giving is genuine. That seems a rather odd way to try and foment revolution.

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The world is full to bursting point with people selling pointless crap.

You go to any country in the world and you will find a shop dedicated to selling memorabelia to tourist's.

If Stuart wants to offer for sale item's to the "online" tourist, well as I see it that's entirely up to him.

And the power remains in the hands of the buyer, you dont have to buy it.


Back to the conference, well it may not have had a big attendance but the movement has begun and I hope it will be developed to bring credible people forward to stand for election at local council level.


I'm not implying that you do - I was merely being flippant. Which is probably more than this topic deserves.


As to your second point - a credibility test would be a good thing. In spite of Stuart's cavailing about 'broken systems' , I'm keen to see anyone with a serious political point to make try their luck at the ballot box.


On a more general point - there's been a great deal of whining on this thread about how 'broken' the system is - I'm inclined to Churchill's line on democracy - "the least imperfect system there is" - bear in mind that compared to most of the world, the UK and EU are shining beacons of political functionality. Remember that next time you're sitting around in your tinfoil hats reading the 'protocols of the elders of Zion'.


The UK in thrall to the EU? Wise up - its only in thrall to the EU to the extent that it wants to be. No nation in Europe is in thrall to the EU - bar the poor little new ones, god help them.


At the end of the day, there is nothing coming out of Brussels that is militarily enforcable - the only measure that means anything in international geo-politics - just look at the way the French and Spanish behave around EU regs.


There's a lot to be said for having as little government as possible - it rather appeals to the anarchist in me - but it depends where it comes from. I don't trust some of the petty nationals BS that the sovereignty argument stinks of.

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Yes that's all fair comment new magnie, it may well be the least imperfect system that modern civilisation has operated under.

But should we accept the areas where it is failing us on that basis?


And by the way I am not a spokesperson for this new movement nor at present a member of.


I am sure as the movement grows it's manifesto will evolve as more ideas are gathered from it's growing number of supporters.


Perhaps one day there will be a statue of Stuart Hill at the market cross.


The Bernardo O'higgins of the Shetland Islands.

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I do belive thath independance is wrong for a small place like Shetland, becoming a crown dependencie like isle of man would be allot better option. Then you will still have close links to the uk. But still have the Powers when it comes to immegration, and natural recources like fishing windpower oil etc. It will give the pepole of Shetland and Shetland alone to decide on who can fish in our waters and if Shetland need a windfarm. And becouse the uk parlement need to reach some eco goals.

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Yes lexander you are spot on! We have a working population who have been paying all their lives into the U.K money pot ( the one with the big hole in the bottom that sits above the E.U. Pot)

But as we continue paying very large sums of tax in, it would only be correct that certain services recieve back revenue to maintain function - coastguard, health service, education etc.


There is huge room for improvement in fisheries and land use ( agricultural and otherwise)


Faroe, channel islands and the Isle of Man are the Island groups we should be looking to as a way to learn how things can be improved here.


I also would like to see one tax break for shetland - VAT removed.

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I dont think we can set immigration controls as such and I wouldn't particularily want to.

Not as an autonomous protectorate of the United kingdom anyway.

And of course it's not a problem affecting life here today.


More of a concern for the future will most likely be migration away from the isles.

If our primary industries dry up, then so will the construction industry and the mass exodus will begin

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