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Without people like Stuart, in the past, prepared to stand up - on their own if needs be - then I reckon we would not have much of the freedom and liberty we each enjoy today.


So, I don't feel in a personal position to take the active stance he has regarding car tax, income tax, etc., but I certainly silently support his desire to ask the questions he has put before the authorities and get proper answers, and I wish him well personally, and in his struggle to make his voice heard.


I agree completely. So many of us are too "trapped" by the necessity to live within the law to be able to challenge it in the way necessary to bring about a case of note.


I have always supported Stuarts "cause" in this case, and am glad to hear there is now a safe Forvk vehicle on the road. I do hope others concerns regarding safety etc are bourne in mind. There is no need to drive around in order to challenge authority. As already mentioned, blatant illegal parking in a safe place should suffice.

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As already mentioned, blatant illegal parking in a safe place should suffice.


There is a lot of blatant illegal parking in Lerwick every day and nothing happens so I'm not sure that one more will make much difference.

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Oh, Oh there appears to be more than two supporters :shock:

Kavi Ugl.




I wonder who are are the other Seventeen - (who it was claimed), signed the Declaration of Redemption of Sovereignty back on the 21st June, 2010 :)


I have nothing against peaceful change (and there are plenty of changes required) and to working within the present laws to achieve that aim and to keep it transparent, not hidden.


PS - congrats to Spinner72 on becoming a Mod.

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How odd he is in the mainland papers again. If it was a proper campaign based on a proper desire for freedom I could accept. However this is not so in Mr hills case its self publicity.


I didn't realise we printed any papers in the mainland on a Sunday and I thought the Shetland Times was on a Friday....?.


Ah, wait, that'll be Scotland......


I can assure you, it is not for self publicity and I know a couple of people who've talked and spent time with Stuart and they've all said that they found him a genuinely nice person.

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Mr.Hill, a couple of points I would like to raise. Is the vehicle insured sufficiently to ensure that if you harm someone while driving within the Shetland Islands (no matter who owns them) then the person you harm will be compensated?. This is bearing in mind that many insurance companies offering insurance in what they consider to be the UK are using the fact that an otherwise perfectly roadworthy vehicle is not considered to be insured if it does not have a valid tax disc and mot certificate. And just where does President Obama come into all this?.

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As far as I can tell Mr Hill started this whole weird situation with some logical thinking, but as it has gone on he has gotten so in to it that his mental state has been affected. Now he has become a danger, not only to himself but everyone else. I am particularly worried by the fact that this so called diplomat uses our highways with a vehicle that doesn't meet our country's safety standards. If I go on abroad I abide by that country's laws, why doesn't he? And I wonder if he goes through immigration when coming into our country? If not then he is here illegally, is he not?

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In defence, you can take a clapped out motor with 2 weeks MOT and drive it anywhere in Europe. As an independent he too can do that, probably under existing treaties. What we do have to remember is Mr Hill has studied this at great length where as us, not so.

At the moment there may not be any precedent on this particular chain of events.

The authorities may not know how to deal with this because of existing laws either directly or indirectly. It will be complicated and the right course will have to be followed for fear of retribution.

Perhaps the second citizen of the new nation should carry a red flag in front of said vehicle until this is cleared up. That will be the transport minister or minister of international diplomacy.

But could their be a possibility of a third party insuring the vehicle with Mr Hill as a named driver when he is in this country.

You should also feel privileged at being present at the birth of a new nation. Until this wee little nation can fend for it self, should we not nurture it, feed it and teach it to walk, we seem to want to do it in the middle east, why not here?

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