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Top Darts Players coming to Shetland


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Any ideas when the semi's/final session will start after the break?


Hello ToonieTrooker


The itinerary for the darts on Saturday is as follows:


1330 Doors Open

1415 Tournament draw on stage

1430 Start of first session

1730 Interval

1830 Start of second session

2200 Finish of tournament


Hope this helps?


See you Saturday :D

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Corporate ticket packages for the 2012 event go on-sale from 10am tomorrow. Details to be found here




General ticket sales start on Saturday 3 March at 10am from the Shetland Box Office. All tickets same price as last year £55 table seat and £50 in the bleechers.

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Ticket sales for this years event start tomorrow at 10am from the Shetland Box Office, Islesburgh, King Harald St, Lerwick. Tel: 01595745555 or at shetlandboxoffice.org


This year the bleacher seating is available online at the above address, by telephone or in person at the box office priced £50


The table seating is available in person at the box office or by telephone only, priced £55. There are 14 seats per table for anyone who is planning to purchase a whole table.


There are no restrictions on how many tickets you can purchase but the online booking of bleacher seating will only allow a maximum purchase of 10 tickets at a time.


Last year tickets sold out in about 45mins so you'd better be on the ball tomorrow morning if you want to be at this event. Good luck and we look forward to seeing you in July :)

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Rubbish. I had a chat with mr Taylor on Friday night and he was as nice and chatty as he was the previous years. He does not have to come to Shetland but he chooses too because he likes the place and the people. He is the greatest player ever to pick up a set of darts and has won the world championship 15 times, that commands a certain amount of respect. He has been on a darts stage for over two decades and has probably had lots of stuff shouted at him and has taken it all in his stride. Whoever the moron was that shouted that nonsense,was probably too drunk and was trying to show off in front of his mates. I hope this does not soil Phils opinion of Shetland and hope he comes again next year.

On a separate note well done and thanks for a great weekend to Robert Geddes and the SRT and Gideon for his continued support of the event

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im just saying he was acting a wee bit different. if he does come back next year (which i hope he does as I hope all of them do) hes gonna be boood even more but then if he doesnt come back people are going to judge him for not coming. its almost like a no win situation.

the people sitting next to us were incerdibly drunk and shouting at all players(which was getting on my nerves)


Like I said before nobody should be shouted names at.


I really hope all the players(especially da wizzard) comes back. Makes for a good night and if they do two nights like suggessted it will be fantastic, cant wait!

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I was at the Clickimin on Saturday and have to say I was embarrassed to be a Shetlander. The druncan loutish behaviour was a disgrace.


Shetland struggles to attract top class entertainment and I cannot praise the promoter high enough for getting these guys up here. Thanks to a certain minority our reputation is tarnished.

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