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Tracing a lady from Shetland

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I am trying to get in contact with a lady I meet on the Aberdeen to Lerwick ferry.(17th June 2010) She was en-route to Sheltand with her two Border Collies to relocate where her sister also lives. From what I can remember she would be living 10 mins roughly from Lerwick.


Her name was Phil and moved up from the Edinburgh area(outside) I believe. She will remember myself Bryan and my partner, spoke for sometime at the bar of the Ferry.


If anybody can aid my in tracing Phil can you get in contact with me?


Not much information to pass on, however only know what I know. Hope it helps posting on here.



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It was def Phil, may be sort for Philis or Philipia. No idea though, but 100% sure she said Phil.


Was such a nice lady and due to us rushing around to get off at Orkney, forgot to get her contact details.


All I can remember is what I said. She was moving up taking her two dogs and car up and it was the first for her on the Ferry, previous to Shetland was the Plane.


Just hope somebody reads either here or the newspaper and knows her by what I describe ie the two dogs and recent relocation. Or Phil sees.


Fingers crossed!!!

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The reason you may be struggling for any info or help is the way you're doing the search, I know I am wary of giving out contact details through the internet for someone I do know to someone I don't. I hope you don't take offence at that but it is better that people don't just rush in giving out mobile numbers and postal addresses before finding out if they should be.


The best way to go is as you were doing with the Shetland Times but you may have to pay for an ad in the classifieds if they feel its not something they want to put in the readers letters section.

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