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PC Monitor problem


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All hailing and bowing down to the wise people that know about these things.


I need help!


I've got a LG L194WT:




It's about 5 years old and recently keeps cutting out as if the power has been switched off although the light is still on.


I've checked cables and even switched them, same happens. Was thinking that the pins on the monitor could be loose but can't see a way to tighten them up.


At the moment I keep having to take out and replug the power cable to monitor.


Anyone got any ideas?

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You could also rule out a driver problem by updating the monitor, and/or graphic cards driver software.


A friend of mine had a similar problem with a very old LCD monitor which refused to operate reasonably on his PC, but when replaced and plugged into a different operating system ran fine for a couple of years.


Try the drivers first before binning it. Also try it on another PC for reference if possible, just to get an idea what's going on.

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I had a power save mode problem with an LG monitor. Is the power light normally blue when on and yellow when the PC powers down? Mine was going into a power down state but not as it should (namely with the light not going to yellow but staying blue) which required unplugging from the mains to get back to regular power save.


Got LG to replace it under the 3 year warranty, common problem they said but this was a newer model than yours by about 3 years.


Have a fiddle with Windows power schemes in control panel might help.

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Does it cut out when you're in the middle of using it, or just when its on but standing idle?


Possibly something not quite right with the Monitor "stand by" settings/switch etc.


Cut out when middle of using it.


I'll try updating and see if that helps then will look at power mode.


Really cannot afford a new monitor at the moment so hoping I can fix this one myself.

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tarotangel -


Exactly the same thing started happening with my monitor last year, which is a 5-year old LCD. Turned out it was the external power supply - I got an equivalent unit for about £12 on ebay and it's worked fine ever since.


Of course, if it's a monitor with an internal power supply you're out of luck... though Last Ditchology might be able to do something.

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