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George Robertsons / Old Smith and Harpers

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I think they used to sell tvs when they had the shop on the street. I remember the toy shop upstairs which was of more interest to me at the time. It was after the time when Harry started keeping toys that the shop shut. Funny if your in business someone is always after your loot most often the folk with the short memory.

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^^ It was also after when Harry's started keeping toys that Geordie Robertson's shop on the street opened. Strangely enough Eric Broon's moved to the street selling toys as well as bikes after Geordie Robertson's shop closed, and after Harry's had grown much bigger than it was when Geordie Robertson's was open, and they seemed to do okay, so I doubt it was competition on the toys front that made Geordie Robertson's unviable.


Televiradio, Telenews and The Music Box already being established on the street selling TV and small electricals, and Arne/Centron/T. J. Anderson next door but one also selling a few TV's and electricals probably didn't help much, but even so Viking Vision came along at the same time or slightly later and did okay in the face of similar competition.


Geordie Robertson's had come under new management not very long before the opening of the street shop, so it might not be unreasonable to speculate that they maybe tried to run before they could walk as far as expanding went.

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^^ Stealth, and being "one of the club".


I've always been of the opinion Tods was wasted as shops, to my mind it would have made a decent entertainment venue, its a good location and a good size.


It came up around the same time as Jubilee 77 was being created, I can't think one would have been all that different on cost grounds to convert and modify than the other. Oh well, no point in pondering what could have been.

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Not wishing to go off topic but how on earth did Harry get planning permission for yon extention he's bigging seeing as how it has obliterated yon peerie historic side building which I'd guess was part of the infamous "conservation area"?.


I have visions of another McKays style building i.e just a big, square lump:(

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Oh no, it's even worse than I imagined :(


That is absolutely awful and I was hoping they'd at the very least keep the traditional stonework style.


Yet another nail in the coffin for the character and appearance of Lerwick's historic esplanade and I simply cannot believe that the SIC allowed this.


Oh Harry, Harry.....and all for ££.



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