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Bargains from Lerwick Shops


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I inquired about a sound system in bolts, £80 more than online. £80 better in my pocket than theirs. i try to buy local but they sometimes forse them self out of the market. i dont mind paying a wee bit more local for some items but sometimes i think they are having a laugh.

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Bargains + Lerwick Shops

Three words never seen together in my Life Time.


Clive's were selling charts CD's at a pound a few weeks ago so that blows that theory out the water! :wink:


it was old sharn though


....or then it was Bieber, GaGa and suchlike. :evil:


no i think they went first, proberly at full price. (over priced) or maby he took them down to rrp/tesco's/play.com? I went through a lot and didnt see anything like that.



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We were looking for a new sofa, found one online at Argos for £390, plus £80 for Northwards to deliver. We decided to have a look in Lerwick to see if there was anything comparable before we ordered. Found almost the exact same sofa (same material, same colour, both corner sofas, although the Lerwick one did have 1 extra seat) in Bargain Centre, priced at £1800 or £1600 for cash!! :shock: Lets just say we didn't bother to ask about the delivery charge......

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I needed a new battery for my camera, thinking the cost would not be to great i didnt bother to look on line so went to the a shop in the town that sells cameras and bought the one i needed £19.99 good make no rubbish, this was a couple of weeks ago and battery working fine, now you may think whats the problem, well the problem is i have just looked at the same make and model on line and the cost is £7.99 +£1.50 p+p = £9.49 no wonder the town shops are closing down

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That highlights a problem.

By all means check the price online and decide to buy online or local afterwards. However, once bought, it is best to just move on and not check prices online after buying locally. It has similarly proved irritating to me several times already.


In your example, a doubling of the price is a BIG difference.

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