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The Planets Ballroom


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didnt Rainbow Pavement originally have Philip Fordyce on vocals and Gordon sorry the last name escapes me but in those days they played at the Isleburgh House dances. Ian Barrie would have been on drums right enough.

No! Philip didn't play with them!


Philip played in the "country four", with Jim Moar and I think Drew! and Victor!

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Being the orginal and only ian barrie I can confirm The first rainbow pavement was formed in 1969. The band was philip fordyce. gordon bruce. ian barrie .jon victor inkster. erlin gronneberg.


The band in 1970 was philip fordyce. gordon bruce. ian barrie. jon victor inkster. robbie sommerville .erling gronneberg.


Then in the band in 71/ 80 was robbie sommerville. derek bulter. frank miller. ian barrie& alex johnson and carrie leask was on accordian. We also had a road crew -bruce leask. ian pottinger. and larry sommerville. That is a brief history of the rainbow pavement and I do recall many nights playing in the planets ballroom.[/u]

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On 20/07/2010 at 00:20, icepick239 said:

I'm sure the Midnighters (these were the Planets resident band) comprised - Jackie Sinclair, Arnie Arcus, Bobby Ganson, Dougie Sinclair, Sidney and Stanley Hunter :?:

Jackie sinclair was my dad and I've been looking to see where I can get some of his music from jackie sinclair and the pressed gang and before that aswell.  I don't know if it was just a rumour but I heard he got offered to be lead guitarist for deacon blue but turned it down.  

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